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Iolite 12

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Weighs 11 Grams  

Measures 20mm x 20mm

The ‘Stone of Inner Power’, opens the beings eyes to the real-self, releases the spirit and lights a pathway to the strength and opportunity within.

Iolite is a window of truth and revelation. This stone opens the beings inner and outer vision to see what the self is really like, helping to find what strengths and opportunities are held within.

Iolite helps to awaken; it opens the inner gates of wisdom, and releases the spirit to explore, to gain life’s teachings with no physical barrier, with no fear or worry.

Iolite helps one see that there is more to life than physical existence and materialistic living. That if one sees clearly, one shall see a whole new world, gain a whole new outlook, a seemingly new pathway, which really, has always been available.

“One only needs trust to gain clear seeing, how one uses this is one of life's many lessons”

This is a stone that brings forth intuitive vision; it can truly give such vision from physical eye itself, which the being then shall learn to recognise. Alongside this, the being can also gain deepened inner vision, especially good for the dream state visionary.

Iolite brings a touch of magic to the air, a touch of wonder and adventure. It is a stone with a lot to tell and a lot to show.

Depending on the colour of this stone, Iolite enhances the inner 'power' to the matching Energy centre of the body. If all Energy centres are in alignment, the enhancement powers up through each Energy centre, rather than just working within one which brings a waiting for the next to follow speed at a future time.

A stone which sets off an electrical charge to all that it touches from searching for a near energy field, this charge to the physical being re-energizes and gives a sudden raised vibration, which in time can be held on to.​​​​​​​

Iolite can help in the battle against addictions, it can bring healthy distraction, mean while giving the mind, body and spirit a chance to gain balance and strength, ready for the looking within and breaking away from addictions in a safe, positive manner.

This is a stone to bring psychological strength, and a much more focused mental state of mind. Iolite also encourages the being to be who they really are, but helps bring an understanding of becoming the best of who they are.

A stone that improves communication and concentration, Iolite gives great support to public speakers, teachers, humanitarians and messengers. 

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