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Isla Rosa

Isla Rosa is a pink limestone from the West Coast of Scotland.

Weighs 83.3 grams
Measures 60mm x 60mm x 10mm

The ‘Stone of Prosperity’, teaches the benefits of having a positive mind and a grateful attitude. 
Isla Rosa raises the beings energy whilst encouraging feelings of motivation. It is a stone that dispels negativity, whether in thought or by trait.
Isla Rosa helps the being to recognise gratitude, and how it can be used to bring more light into life. Also, this stone helps to increase courage when it comes to making life changes, as well as helping the mind to manage perseverance.
Isla Rosa can be called upon for guidance in decisions and deals, especially when it comes to business and money exchange. Alongside this, Isla Rosa encourages fairness, honesty and unity.
Isla Rosa supports the blood circulatory system, heart, lungs and muscles. This stone can also help to strengthen the immune system and improve cellular health.
Isla Rosa can ease away nightmares, settle disturbed sleep and bring calm to cluttered or confusing dreams. Alongside this, Isla Rosa helps to increase emotional and mental stability, as well as bringing a good sense of grounding.
This is a stone that can also be helpful in tuning the body’s energy centres, by placing and running it over each one, until a change is felt. Take note at what energy centre brought about the feeling of change, as that is where some balance or healing could be beneficial. 



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