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Agate Arrow Head Pendants
These arrowhead pendant necklaces are copy's of the characteristic kind of the historic arrowheads that were made in the Archaic period.
Assorted Pendants
In this section you will find a variety of silver, copper, bronze and base metal pendants. Lots to choose from.
Bespoke Gem Design Pendants
All of these pendant have been hand made by Howard Johnson in his Cheshire based design studio.
Crystal jewellery is perfect for anyone who has a spiritual side. Take your time and we are sure you will fine the perfect item for you.
Calling Angel Pendants
Angel pendants made from white metal with a small bell inside which make the amazing sound when shaken.
Chains and Cords
Why not add a chain or cord to one of our beautiful pendants.
Chakra Pendants
Selection of crystal pendents that all have the Chakra theme.
Crystal and Gem Stone  Rings
Lovely selection of silver and gemstone rings.
Crystal Earrings
Crystal earrings for every occasion.
Crystal Pendants
Crystal healing gemstone pendants. Semi-precious gemstone pendants are often chosen for their healing properties. Our range of gem stone jewellery is very large, please contact us if you are looking for a item that we do not have on the web site.
Gemstone Necklaces
Gemstone Necklaces.
Mystic Topaz Jewellery
Mystic topaz jewellery has become increasingly popular. This gem is also known as mystic fire topaz, rainbow topaz and fire topaz. The genuine gemstone is both striking and lively looking which has been enhanced by different colours. Transparent and white colours are the most common forms which are mined from the grounds.
Pentacle Cage Pendants
Pentacle Cage Pendants The Crystals are coned shaped and fit perfectly into there cage, however you could replace it with another crystal. The pendants are designed to be used as a pendulum.
Premium collection of crystal pendants
Premium Collection of Crystal Pendants All of the Jewellery in this collection is individually designed in Hawaii or Bali. All of the pendants are handmade by very experienced silversmiths and each piece is unique.
Reiki Inspired  Pendants
The William Royce Collection of Reiki Pendants. A unique range of Reiki inspired of jewellery that are beautifully hand crafted.
Siberian Quartz Jewellery Collection
Siberian Quartz is a laboratory grown quartz made in Russia. Laboratory grown gemstones are real stones and should not be confused with pressed glass or simulated laboratory created stones.
Silver Angel Bells
We are pleased to offer this collection of attractive Angel Bells Necklaces, made from Bali 925 Silver, each with a different colored crystal to symbolize a specific Angel and their particular care duties.
Silver Angel Wing Calling Bells
These silver bells are made in deeply spiritual Indonesia. Beautiful Angel Wing Bells are hand-made and blessed with grace and love. While wearing them you will hear the gentle sound of the little bell.
Silver Animal Spirit Calling Bells
Each pendant has a different animal attached to bell. A very interesting selection of jewellery. We have Dolphins, Dragonfly's, Lizards and Dragons available.
A selection of double wraparound leather braided bracelets fastened by a noose style loop which sits behind the polished steel skull.
Tumble Stone Pendants
These tumble stone pendants are a great way to wear your favorite crystal. The collection includes :- Tiger Eye Snowflake Obsidian Nephrite Jade An affordable gift for a close friend or just treat yourself.
Wire Wrapped Clear Quartz Pendants
Wire Wrapped Clear Quartz Pendants.
Wire Wrapped Crystals
In this collection the crystals have been wrapped in a silver plated or copper wire to make a loop that you can thread a cord or chain through to make a necklace.
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ABOUT Jewellery Room

Crystal Jewellery, Crystal Rings & Crystal Pendants

This section contains a wide selection of our crystal jewellery range including. 

Crystal Pendants

Crystal Necklaces

Crystal Rings

Crystal Necklaces

Crystal Bracelets

Crystal Chakra Pendants

Crystal Earrings

Mystic Topaz Jewellery

Siberian Quartz Jewellery

Crystal Pendants

Gemstone  Necklaces

Our range is extensive, so if you cannot see what you are looking for please contact us as we have many other designs in stock.