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Judy Hall

The text below was a talk given to the Theosophical Society by Judy Hall

Healing karmic and ancestral disease through crystals placed on the birthchart Judy Hall

The reason I chose to talk about healing karmic and ancestral disease is that one of the things that has become very clear to me over the last few years is that we cannot enter into a consciousness transformation or a new age whilst lugging the baggage of the past behind us, whether its our own karma or the collective karma that no one particular person is responsible for but which still needs clearing, or whether it’s the ancestral patterns and attitudes that have come down our family line. Neither can we simply wash our hands of it and say ‘it’s not my responsibility’. We are all accountable. As far as the collective karma goes, if one person makes the transition then the whole benefits, and if one person in the family can act as a lineage breaker then new possibilities open up. It’s healing for the spirit that’s needed and here I’m using healing in the sense of bringing things back into balance at all levels. I’m also using crystal in the sense of any stone whether gem quality, precious semi-precious or downright common.

The other thing that’s become very clear to me during my MA research is that crystal healing is not a faddy ‘new-ageish’ thing. It’s one of the oldest forms of healing there is. In Mesopotamia around l900 BCE, bloodstone was used for diseases of the blood and was sacred to Mars, as were Chalcedony and Jasper, often used for fertility and protection.

So when we look at something like King Tut’s funeral amulet, we are looking at a message in stone – and quite possibly a picture of an astrological moment if only we could understand the language. This is the moon boat here, and this is the scarab of the sun god Ra, and we have crystals sacred to Mars and Isis. Designed to assist the young king make the transition through the otherworld, it could also be intended to heal his soul.

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From his research into early crystal-zodiac connections Wallis Budge assigns:

Sign Stones :-

Aries Amethyst
Taurus Agate
Gemini Beryl
Cancer Blue emerald
Leo Yellow ruby
Virgo Grey Jasper
Libra Green Emerald
Scorpio Reddish Topaz
Sagittarius Blue Turquoise
Capricorn Black Onyx
Aquarius Dark Sapphire
Pisces Blue Chrysolite

Planets :-

Sun yellowish or gold-coloured stones
Moon whitish stones, diamond
Mercury stones of neutral tints such as agate

Venus, Mars,Jupiter, Saturn

green stones, emerald and ‘sapphires’ stones of reddish hue, hematite
blue stones
black stones, obsidian

Some of these are questionable but the connections between gods, planets and signs continued through Hellenistic astrology, Arabic and into the Middle Ages and were incorporated into medicine in all those periods.

But let’s get back to astrology and healing in the present time.
For me, a birthchart is a map of our karmic credits and deficits, the life plan for our present incarnation, and the potential for spiritual evolution.

Since I began astrology over thirty five year’s ago I’ve always intuitively placed crystals on the chart as I’ve been reading it. It took me quite a few years to realise that I was doing this instinctively to heal imbalances in the chart, imbalances that can be karmic or ancestral. You don’t need to be an astrologer to be able to work in this way, you just need to familiarise yourself with a little basic astrological and crystal connections which we’ll come to a little later on. If you are an astrologer, there’s a handout available.

D H Lawrence is reputed to have written:

I am ill because of wounds to the soul, to the deep emotional self.

And although I’ve spoken to a specialist academic who insists Lawrence did not write this, it still sums up karmic disease – which I write with a hyphen, dis-ease. Dis-ease is subtle and not always related to physical illness. It occurs on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and can be carried through the ancestral line. It is often indicated by planets in the sixth house and difficult aspects between inner and outer planets, or elemental imbalances.

Karmic disease, based on the soul’s dis-ease, arises out of wounds, injuries, attitudes and patterns or curses carried forward from past into present via the ‘etheric blueprint’ – which creates the new body. It can be physical/emotional/mental/spiritual dis-ease and may also offer opportunity to learn certain attributes: patience, tolerance, compassion etc. that the soul feels have been overlooked, or it offers someone else an opportunity to grow. It is not a matter of punishment or blame but of balancing out the past and allowing the soul to evolve.

Karmic or ancestral causes of dis-ease:

  • Soul unrest

  • Soul intention

  • Need to develop specific qualities

  • Past life repression of pain refuses to be ignored any longer

  • Remaining on the karmic treadmill

  • Attitudinal karma

  • Close-mindedness

  • Bigotry or lack of empathy for others

  • Unwillingness to help others

  • Organic karma

  • Symbolic karma

  • Direct carryover of affliction or disability

  • Redemptive karma

  • Non-development of creative potential

  • Conflict from several past life personas

  • Strongly negative past life self trying to manifest again

  • Past life vows and promises

  • Curses or ill-wishing in this life, a previous life or against the ancestral line

mental and spiritual levels and can be carried through the ancestral line and is shown by planets in the sixth house and difficult aspects between inner and outer planets, or the elemental balance.

Karmic disease, based on the soul’s dis-ease, arises out of wounds, injuries, attitudes and patterns or curses carried forward from past into present via ‘etheric blueprint’ – creates new body. Can be physical/emotional/mental/spiritual dis-ease. Manifests differently according to sign or aspect – e.g. Mercury in Virgo, Saturn-Mercury = self criticism in past or communication block. Scorpio involvement, irritable bowel. Gemini or Virgo, mental stress, Taurus, throat problems, etc. May also offer opportunity to learn certain attributes: patience, tolerance, compassion etc. that the soul feels have been overlooked, or offers someone else an opportunity to grow. It is not a matter of punishment or blame but of balancing out the past and allowing the soul to evolve.

is subtle and not always related to physical illness. It occurs on physical, emotional,

Karmas the soul may be playing out:
Redemptive Karma: takes something on for the world. Cancer/Aids takes out ‘some of the darkness’ from the world. Chart Indicators: 12th house planets, positive aspects, Neptune. Retributive Karma: boomerangs back. Classic 'eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth': if someone chopped off another person's hand in a former life, they are likely to have a paralysed hand in the present life, or to lose the use. What you have done to others comes back. Chart Indicators: Extremely challenging aspects and planetary placements, emphasis on the Sixth- Twelfth House axis.
Attitudinal Karma: usually present during several lives. Intransigent attitude, ingrained behaviour or intractable or habitual emotional stance results in dis-ease in present incarnation. Believing would 'never be enough' (Pluto-Venus), precurs addiction (“I can’t help myself” is Neptune-Mars). Arterial or heart problems develop from 'hard-heartedness' or broken heart. Chart Indicators: Fixed planetary aspects and the sixth house.
Organic Karma: reflects injuries or conditions from other lives. Over-indulgence = obesity or liver problems. Died weakened by blood-letting = anaemia. Past life back injury = chronic back problem; tuberculosis = lung disease and so on. Chart Indicators: The Sixth House.
Karmic Treadmill: Destructive patterns that have not been outgrown. Alcoholism is one example. Chart Indicators: Difficult aspects and a preponderance of planets in fixed sign. Symbolic Karma: Not all karma is immediately obvious, can take some unravelling. Present life condition symbolises what was done in the past. A witch-ducker incarnated as bed-wetter; man who ‘shed much blood’ had anaemia; man who ignored cries for aid had tinnitus. Chart Indicators: Aspects to appropriate planets and placements of planets in signs and houses.
Vows: can cause considerable dis-ease especially if held in outgrown relationship. Chastity causes sexual problems, poverty abundance difficulties etc. 6/8th house plans or outer planet aspects to Venus, Mars etc.


  • Soul may not have finished evolving through that condition

  • Soul may be trying to ‘get better’ for wrong reasons

  • Soul may be entrenched in ‘reparation-restitution’ mode

  • Soul may have learnt all it needs and leaves so that it can incarnate again and put lessons

    into practice.

  • Soul may be offering itself or someone else a lesson or opportunity to change/grow.

    Earth – abused body or too body-orientated, toxicity. Water: emotion-logged or lacking.
    Air: mental emphasis or senses emphasis (lack).
    Fire: intuition, energy burn-out.

    The overall balance of the elements within a chart can indicate subtle dis-ease, depletion or excess. Imbalances may be innate (the natal chart) or temporary (progressed or solar returns and strong transits).

    Depleted Fire: low vitality, despondency, loss of appetite, pallor, cold, slow and inadequate digestion, migraine, phobias, low immunity, poor circulation and muscle tone, possible diabetes. Overbearing/bullying parenting.
    Antidotes to weak Fire: ruby, bloodstone, carnelian, topaz.
    Excess Fire: anger and aggression, heartburn, liver and gallbladder problems, digestive complaints, ulcers, excess bile, fever, skin eruptions, a tendency to body odour, blurred vision and hypoglycaemia. Abuse, anger/aggression passing down ancestral line.
    Antidotes to excess Fire: emerald, green garnet, aventurine, malachite, aquamarine, green calcite

    Depleted Earth: weakness, incohesion, fractures/blockages/breaks on any level that fail to heal, abuse. Poverty or a sense of lack in the family line.

Antidotes to weak Earth: brown stones such as picture jasper, tiger iron or tiger’s eye. Excess Earth: resists change, obesity, blockages, depression, ossification, calcification, and loss of acuity of senses. Over-materialism, holding on.
Antidotes to excess Earth: smokey quartz, light yellow stones such as citrine or grey Labradorite.

Weakened Air: poor communication or circulation, lack of self confidence, despondency, nightmares, nausea, toxicity, oxygen deficiency, shortness of breath and fatigue – feeling of being smothered.
Antidotes to weak Air: light blue stones such as blue lace agate or blue chalcedony Excess Air: creates nervous disorders, restlessness, hypersensitive to pollutants, harsh sounds and odours; rough skin, brittle hair, bones and nails, flatulence, asthma, coughs, constipation, insomnia, schizophrenia, arthritis and rough skin. Difficulty fitting into environment.
Antidotes to excess Air: deep blue and violet colours; use lapis lazuli, sapphire, aquamarine, blue tourmaline, chrysocolla, green calcite

Depleted Water: results in thirst, dehydration, cramps, insomnia, poor memory, and inability to show feelings- sense of being drowned by family.
Antidotes to weak Water: tourmaline, pearl, opal, moss agate, muscovite or smokey quartz.
Excess Water: creates mucus, pneumonia, fluid retention, obesity, clogged arteries, and lymphatic retention. Over-emotionality, family secrets.
Antidotes to excess Water: use rose quartz, pink tourmaline, kunzite, green aventurine, or fluorite. If ungrounded and boundary-less, use hematite or smoky quartz.

Sun: Heart (rhodonite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz. Back, spinal column (magnesite, fluorite), thymus (bloodstone, smithsonite, amethyst, citrine) – and paternal issues.
Moon: Breasts, body fluids (moonstone, selenite), reproductive system (carnelian, smoky quartz), bile duct (red jasper, emerald), digestive system (chrysocolla, amethyst, green jasper), liver (yellow jasper, bloodstone, carnelian, yellow fluorite), pancreas (bloodstone, amber,green calcite) – and maternal issues/heredity

Mercury: respiration (charoite, amber, fluorite), brain (banded agate, kyanite, labradoirte), nervous system (green jade, blue lace agate) – communication issues and too much thinking Venus: Throat (blue lace agate), kidney (bloodstone, fluorite, jade), lumber region (carnelian), veins (rhodochrosite, smithsonite), parathyroid (kyanite, malachite) – and ‘love’ issues

Mars: Muscles (hematite, rhodonite), uro-genitals (kyanite, blue aventurine) – and will- assertion-aggression issues
Jupiter: Liver (yellow jasper, amethyst, bloodstone), pituitary gland (iolite, sapphire) – and over indulgence

Saturn: Bones (fluorite, magnetite), gall bladder (amber, malachite, citrine), spleen(amber, bloodstone) , skin (agate, jasper), teeth (fluorite) – and repressions
Uranus: Circulatory system (hematite, ruby), pineal gland Amethyst, moonstone), chemical- electrical circuitry in brain (kyanite, banded agate)

Neptune: Nervous system (blue lace agate, green jade), hypothalamus (blue lace agate) – and psychic abilities
Pluto: reproductive system (smoky quartz, carnelian, jasper, malachite) – and power issues

Planets combined: Pluto-Moon – ‘gyny-karma’, deaths in childbirth, death of children, or old frustrations are reflected in present life menstrual problems, etc. Rose quartz, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, moonstone, Brandenberg.


(IF no planets look at ruler’s position and aspects)
Note: Potential may not manifest, can be dealt with through other people)

Aries: adrenals, head, wilfulness and ego.
Taurus: body, throat, senses, fixity, stubbornness.
Gemini: thought, arms/shoulders, eyes, lungs and nervous system.
Cancer: emotions, breasts/repro/stomach, worry.
Leo: back and heart, pride.
Virgo: nervous system, intestines, stress, psychosomatic disease, perfectionism. Libra: hips, kidneys, relationships, suppressed anger.
Scorpio: reproduction and elimination, frustration, repression.
Sagittarius: hips and thighs, liver, over-indulgence.

Capricorn: skeletal system, rigid ideas and attitudes (‘oughts and shoulds’), self-imposed restrictions/vows.
Aquarius: circulation, shins/ankles, eccentricities, stress.
Pisces: feet, addictions, emotions, escapism.

Relevant Planets:
Sun: attitudes such as former arrogance/pride, tendency passes through father. Fire-sun: burns out easily. Earth-sun: energy goes into work. Water-sun: emotional overload. Air-sun: too head-orientated.
Moon: heredity and repro. problems, ingrained emotions.
Mars: old rage/injuries/attitudes.
Jupiter: over-indulgence, body image (earth signs).
Saturn: rigidity, fear.
Uranus: vibrational misalignment.
Neptune: ‘outside influences’, psychic sponge, old allergies, non-alignment of physical and etheric results in endocrine disturbance.
Pluto: cause deep-seated, abuse, anger, sexual problems.


Saturn: vows
Uranus: intimacy/sexuality/ambivalence
Neptune: confusion sexual or spiritual
Pluto: abuse, misuse, alienation, abandonment etc.


Chiron shows where the karmic wound is held and needs healing.

Chiron in Aries/First House

The would is in the ego or the Self. Renunciation of ego may be called for. Healing comes through being centred in one’s Self.
Chiron in Taurus/Second House
The wound is in the body, or in loss of self-worth or security. Healing comes through finding inner security. Body and soul have to be integrated.

Chiron in Gemini/Third House

The wound is in making oneself heard. It can affect breathing. Healing comes through speaking one’s truth.
Chiron in Cancer/Fourth House
The wound is emotional and the effect may be psychosomatic illness. Healing comes in emotional detachment and in nurturing one’s Self.

Chiron in Leo/Fifth House

The wound is in the heart or in self-expression. Healing comes through being empowered and in resolving the head-heart paradox.
Chiron in Virgo/Sixth House
The wound may manifest at the mental or nervous-system level. Perfectionism and self-criticism may cause wounding. Healing comes through service to others.

Chiron in Libra/Seventh House

The wound is in relationship with others or with one’s Self. The split between the needs of the self and another has to be healed, and inner relationship found.
Chiron in Scorpio/Eighth House
The wound may lie in unhealed past life death experiences and other traumas. Healing comes through recognising and integrating the dark parts of the soul.

Chiron in Sagittarius/Tenth House

Old beliefs may well have caused a wound in the soul, but attitudes can also wound. Healing comes in reprogramming past beliefs.
Chiron in Capricorn/Tenth House
This soul may be the alienated outsider, scapegoat for troubles of the world. Healing comes in reconciling the needs of the individual with those of society.

Chiron in Pisces/Twelfth House

The wound is loss of union with the divine. Healing comes through recognising one’s Self as divine and integrating this into everyday life.

Transits: First Chiron Square – separates from what comforts most, brings up wound. Opposition: focuses the wound. Chiron Return – integration and mastery or wound is more forceful.

Crystal for Chiron: charoite

Ways to use the stones on the chart:

  • Sedate an excess element – place sedating stones on appropriate signs

  • Strengthen a weak element – place strengthening stones on appropriate signs

  • Strengthen a challenged planet with appropriate stone

  • Harmonise a specific planetary pattern with appropriate stones

  • Equalise the planets with an appropriate stone on each

  • Regard the signs as ‘chakras’ and use appropriate colour stones on ‘missing’

    signs/chakras or place chakra stones across the middle of the chart in order

    Crystals for Saturnine conditions

    Agate and onyx – strength and persistence to work through blockages Agrellite – heals inner saboteur
    Blue Scapolite – heals self sabotage
    Epidote: heals inner critic

    Hematite – grounding, harmonising, assists with maintaining sensible boundaries Galena – (lead) brings balance on all levels, dissolves self-limiting beliefs from the past. Aquamarine – overcomes judgementalism
    Magnetite – extreme rigidity/stiffness

    Healing Past life: abandonment: Rhodonite

    addiction: Iolite
    akashic record, read: Tibetan Black Spot Quartz, Cathedral Quartz, Tanzanite, Prehnite
    betrayal: Rhodonite
    blockages from past lives: Lepidolite
    broken heart: Rose Quartz
    chastity: Okenite
    cleansing emotions: Danburite
    curses: break: Shattuckite, Tiger’s Eye
    deflect: Black Tourmaline
    cycles: Okenite
    death, unhealed trauma: Lilac Smithsonite
    debts, recognise: Okenite

deprivation: Prehnite
dis-ease: Tanzanite with Iolite and Danburite
emotional pain: Charoite
emotional wounds: Rhodonite
entity attachment: Smoky Amethyst
family patterns: Spirit Quartz
grief, unhealed: Fire Opal, Spirit Quartz
hyperactivity: Prehnite
healing: Danburite, Merlinite, Charoite, Obsidian, Okenite, Infinite Stone, Rhodonite, Pietersite
heart pain: Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Dioptase
injuries: Herkimer Diamond, Onyx
learning from: Muscovite, Peridot
mental imperatives, release: Danburite, Idocrase
persecution: Wulfenite
phobias resulting from: Prehnite
prisoner: Idocrase
recall: Amber, Carnelian, Phantom Crystals, Garnet, Serpentine, Variscite
redress: Charoite
regression: Green Aventurine, Variscite
relationships: Larimar, Lithium Quartz,
releasing vows: Turquoise
rejection: Blue Lace Agate
resentment: Rhodonite
restraint, emotional or mental: Idocrase
sexual problems arising from: Malachite
soul agreements, recognition: Wulfenite
tie cutting: Malachite, Sunstone, Petalite, Wulfenite, Green Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian
thought forms, release Iolite
wound imprints in etheric body: Sceptre Quartz, Tibetan Black Spot Quartz wand, Charoite, Selenite, Smoky Quartz.

Useful karmic healing stones:

Brandenberg: repatterns and takes soul back to the purest vibration.
Danburite: A karmic cleanser, carries a very pure vibration that activates the higher heart energy and links to angelic realm. Releases mental imperatives and recalcitrant attitudes. Facilitates deep change and leaving the past behind, starts the soul off on a new direction. Rhodonite or Rhodochrosite: excellent for healing heartbreak, emotional shock and anger. A stone of forgiveness, reconciliation. An emotional balancer that nurtures love. Shows both sides of an issue. Clears and heals the heart especially in cases of betrayal and abandonment and promotes self-love. Releases from self destructive behaviour and abuse. Spirit Quartz : Brings insights into karmic connections. Removes difficult memories from the past. Gives insight into the family of origin and how to heal problems. Helps with any carry-over of grief and loss. Mobilizes sickness or negative energy out of the body into a space where it can be transformed.