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Kat O’Clysmic

Once upon a time I searched Google for big angels..up popped KSC crystals and Keith fitting.
He then helped me to find the right one for my daughter who was leaving for university after the previous few years where we had been unable to be mother and daughter as her father, my ex had abducted her and subsequently brainwashed her.

This book charts our journey, together, from loss, separation and pain right through to transformation, release and reconciliation.

The discovery of Preseli Bluestone, ancient healing stone of the ancestors from Keith in the very beginning literally set me on my way.

I have met many crystals since and have been able to become tuned to their subtle healing energies.
As well as crystal energy I discovered astrology and cosmic energy, which we all receive daily but whilst we are unconscious we simply don’t notice.
This book is my offering, to people who, like me are ‘different’ and therefore very often misunderstood.
If this resonates with you perhaps you would like to read my book- Just a mother of four- by Kat O Clysmic.
Available from Amazon (Just click on the picture of the book) or from the publisher Balboa Press.