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Kimberlite 3

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This crystal is in its natural form and includes Olivine, llmenite, Phlogopite and Enstatite. It comes from the Kimberley Mine in South Africa

Weighs 60.8 grams

Measures approximately 40mm x 40mm x 30mm ​​​​​​​

Crystal healing uses :-

The 'Stone of Freedom', this stone holds deep energies that allow one to become free from the physical surroundings, from the world itself.
Kimberlite encourages deep meditational states and out of body process, taking one to new levels of awareness.
This stone helps in meditational states where deep healing of the mind, body and soul can take place like never before.
Although Kimberlite holds such a powerful energy, the stone is gentle in its offerings, allowing its keeper to learn and adjust to what it can help one accomplish, such as the out of body experience.
Also Kimberlite strengthens the visualisation stages, taking one into the magical worlds and serene creations of the deepened mind.
A very good stone to use where such a visualisation stage is to join with spirit guides, to learn and experience eternal bonds, to feel peace and freedom, to know peace and freedom.
Where healing is needed to take place, even of the entire being, Kimberlites deep meditational qualities will help take one into the state that is needed to allow universal healing energy to enter, sooth and heal where it is asked of.
A very beneficial stone for those of you who are distance healers to focus on, so that a connection is formed with the universal healing energy to then meet and help the being in need.
Kimberlite is a beautiful stone, gentle but powerful, holding a female related energy source that is calming and soothing for all whether used for meditational deep states, out of body process or deep healing.

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