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Kyanite Wand (polished Grade AAA) 1

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Kyanite Wand

Weighs 20.9  grams
Measures 60mm x 10mm

Blue Kyanite


The 'Stone of Truth', encourages the truth to be put into thought, into voice and into action. Also a stone that improves communication qualities and also can help bring out the more intuitive side of oneself.
Kyanite overall is a stone that leads its keeper on a spiritual path, yet manages to do so on a grounded level. It is a stone that encourages honesty and truth, as well as removing fear and lowering the ego. Kyanite sooths and calms its keeper, working well in the removal of anger. A stone that has the ability to shift its energy quickly to suit its keepers need; it can move through from the steps of teaching a spiritual and higher awareness path, onwards through to healing the physical body of illness and upset. Kyanite in its different forms does have differing offerings, yet its undertones remain the same.
Blue Kyanite is a stone that is beneficial to be used in bringing down tension and calming disruption. This is also a stone that will help calm and cool those who have a hot temper, giving opportunity for a more harmonious setting.
Blue Kyanite helps the being to think, voice and act the truth, and will encourage it even if at first it is thought as not being necessary either from fear or because of the ego. Alongside this, Blue Kyanite helps to stop its keeper from putting out the wrong actions and energies to the outer world by bringing thought to find composure and think beforehand, rather than afterwards.
A stone that encourages the being to be more intuitive and helps open the mind to new awareness and brings space for possible spiritual growth. Blue Kyanite helps the being to walk through a spiritual path with clarity, but does this using grounded energy so that the self is able to continue to live and learn just the same on a physical level.
Blue Kyanite that resonates well within the Throat and Crown energy centres helping communication on both lower and higher levels of the self, as well easing frustration or confusion in doing so.
This is a stone that also brings forth a closer connection to the Angelic realms. This can make Blue Kyanite a beneficial stone for use in higher meditation and in bettering higher awareness.
Blue Kyanite removes a clouded mind, clouded inner vision, self denial and can be extremely helpful in removing a "bewitched" cloak or spell.
This is a stone that can bring to light where the being has played a part in a formation of negativity either for the self, others or life in general, so that the putting right, healing and learning from can be set out as needed.
Blue Kyanite helps bring forth healing and spiritual dream states, as well as being helpful for dream recall. This is a stone that can also bring to light negative whispers, negative wishing and negative intent that is coming towards the self from certain others. Blue Kyanite opens the beings senses too instinctively pick up on such acts, encourages positive action as well as giving a cloak of protection.
Use this stone to sooth away tension, stresses, headaches and the symptoms of migraine, as well as in soothing the body of general aches and pains. Blue Kyanite is especially good to sooth away the symptoms of fever and virus, as well as for the healing of throat upsets and laryngitis.
Their are other helpful crystals that can peacefully work alongside Blue Kyanite such as; Black Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline & Blue Sapphire.

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