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Lewisian The ‘Stone of Faith’, helps the being to see past worry, indecision and doubt, bringing a more promising and hopeful outlook.
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Lewisian Pendant

Weighs 6.6 grams in total
Measures 40mm x 15mm x 4mm 

This pendant comes on a black adjustable cord and is presented in a Tartan gift bag.

The ‘Stone of Faith’, helps the being to see past worry, indecision and doubt, bringing a more promising and hopeful outlook. 
Lewisian lifts the mood, awakens feelings of hopefulness and brings a touch of sparkle to the spirit. It is a stone that encourages the being to have a little faith in the magic of life. 
Lewisian dispels negativity, replacing it with all that is positive. A stone that brings charm and wonder, whilst encouraging healthy curiosity. 
Alongside this, Lewisian teaches the benefit of putting goodness into life, as well helping the being to understand how inner workings have a great impact on outer workings. 
This is a stone that brings the being closer to the mystery and magic of Mother Earth and her cycles of life. Lewisian encourages connection with the energies of nature.
A stone that helps to cleanse away negative thought patterns, Lewisian can be beneficial in the easing of depression and recurring feelings of hopelessness. 
Also, Lewisian can help the being to remove unnecessary emotional ties, alongside helping with emotional healing. This stone is also helpful in bringing feelings of comfort and security that would normally come from a Mother or Father.  
Lewisian teaches of the many aspects of the self, encouraging a journey of peaceful exploration through each one. It is a stone that encourages the being to accept all that is needed and part of the self, whilst releasing that which is no longer necessary. 
Lewisian teaches the being to have faith in the self, in others and in life itself. A stone that helps break away feelings of doubt and worry about the past, present or future. Lewisian shows the peace and magic of the moment, so helping to instil a feeling of contentment. 
This stone encourages the nourishing of oneself, others and the environment. Lewisian teaches ‘as above, so below’, ‘as within, as without’; what is put in, is what will come out. 
Lewisian resonates with the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart centres. Also, this stone can help the body to clear infection, as well easing stomach upset and morning sickness. 
Lewisian encourages the being to believe in magic and to have faith in hopes and dreams. A stone that whispers to all those who choose to listen. 

Katie Jacqueline – February 2017

Lewisian comes from the Isles of Lewis, Harris and North Highlands. It is collected from the ancient bedrock of Scotland and is one of the oldest rocks in the world at 3 billion years old (3,000,000,000 years!). It is a unique composition of many minerals including Feldspar, Epidote and Quartz, all of which are part of the "Lewisian Gneiss" complex.
Lewisian has been treasured for thousands of years by the clans of Scotland. It was used by the Megalithis cultures to construct monuments such as the Callanish stone circle on the Isle of Lewis.

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