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Libyan Gold Tektite Pendant

Weighs 17.8 Grams
Measures 20mm wide x 60mm long including the bail.

Libyan Gold Tektite 

The ‘Stone of the Soul’ takes its keeper on a journey of truth and wisdom, with a goal of positive growth and enlightenment.    

Libyan Gold Tektite is a teacher of truth and sincerity. A stone that is infused with wisdom; will ensure nothing of any importance goes amiss or remains hidden. 

Libyan Gold Tektite encourages the being to explore outer surroundings, in the hope of finding what has been brought into life by own thought, feeling and action. This then leads to the opportunity of positive change. 

Alongside this, Libyan Gold Tektite may appear to stir up emotion, when really it’s just guiding and opening the being to present reality. Perhaps removing obscured vision or denial, but with the outcome eventually being of positive benefit and growth.  

Libyan Gold Tektite helps to lift impure thought and feeling; it is a stone that teaches the being to live in love and peace. Also, this stone encourages the use of patience with the self and with others.  

During times of pressure and possible nervousness, Libyan Gold Tektite can be of assistance. It is a stone that will guide and support, whilst bringing a sense of stability and peace. 

Also, Libyan Gold Tektite teaches of speaking and acting in truth and in love. This is a stone that breaks right through judgement, anger, hate and oppression. 

Libyan Gold Tektite has a strong voice. It teaches the being to find their own voice, whilst allowing that of others, in fairness and sincerity. 

This stone resonates gently with all the energy centres of the body. It can help to re-program and fine-tune, as well as helping prepare them for other crystal therapy to take place. 

Libyan Gold Tektite can open connection to other dimensions, acting as a gateway and a guide. It is stone that gently raises the vibration, but can further this as needed. 

A stone that stimulates healthy cell regeneration, whilst strengthening the immune system; Libyan Gold Tektite can be very helpful in the easing and clearance of sickness. Alongside this, Libyan Gold Tektite helps the body to protect itself from disease and upset. It is a stone that encourages good health and a harmonious lifestyle. 



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