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Product Description

Lime Green Serpentine Wand 

Weighs 97 grams
Measures 100mm x 25mm narrowing

The ‘Stone of Reflection’, holding energies that gently reminds its keeper to take times of reflection in everyday life.
Serpentine stimulates the beings energy vibration rate, encouraging the mind and heart to open up to the need for reflection. This reflection can be in many areas of life, yet
Serpentine helps one to understand what is being reflected upon and why.
A special offering of Serpentine is that this stone not only encourages reflection, it also helps one to recognise when
Divine intervention has taken place. Bringing a new door of spiritual learning, raised awareness, an opportunity of a new and positive outlook from the very moment of recognition.
Also a stone that has direct connection with the Gods and Goddesses. Helping one to open up to that of Divine nature, as well as bringing strength to the already awakened bond.
Serpentine has a highly spiritual energy. It is a stone that brings guidance and support, as well as helping the being to gain highly evolved knowledge for opportunity of turning this into absolute wisdom.
It has yet to be seen how special Serpentine really is. This is a stone that continues to gain wisdom from Mother Earth, from the Divine sources. Serpentine never stops learning, it is an ever evolving energy.
Serpentine is most definitely a stone to have as a helper in Divine communication, such as in prayer or where blessings are called upon. It brings a clear sense of peace, acknowledgment and serenity.
Serpentine stores life’s happenings very well, giving meaningful opportunity for this stone to be used in meditational practice for the gaining of knowledge into the past.
Also a stone to bring a sense of peace to the anxious and worried being, bringing soothing and comfort. Serpentine is beneficial to the new mother and baby, helping to stabilise hormone levels and also in keeping breast milk production at its healthiest.
Serpentine is a stone to keep as a talisman for those who face long journeys ahead, in order to encourage blessings to always be available when they are truly needed.
A stone that reminds the being of times of content, times of happiness and security. Serpentine is a support in times of need, times where the being feels lonely, lost, out of depth or even homesick.
This is a very special stone that still has a lot of recognition coming its way.


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