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Weighs 22.1 Grams

Measures 30mm x 15mm

This crystal promotes a positive outlook on the common understanding of what can be perceived as our “destiny”.  Most people understand   destiny as being the predetermined outcome of a person or thing in the future.  However, working with Llanite we can learn to lift that negative thought vibration and turn it positive for the benefit of all. 

Life is about change, and Llanite reminds us to escape from the fate that we believe in, and remember that we are able to make choices for ourselves, therefore  bringing about  changes to our existence.  Each one of us is in control of our own thought process, for example, what we believe, or disbelieve in, therefore, the choices that we make can change any preconceived idea and alter the direction of our lives.

Llanite reminds us to stay firmly in every second of “now” and not to believe in where our fate lies, no one should feel trapped, but be in control of themselves and in their ability to choose in every moment of any situation.

We, as human beings are free spirits with free will, our destiny is controlled by our choices, of which we are personally in control of. The more positive we can be in every aspect of our lives, benefits not only ourselves but also our planet on her Ascension journey.

To quote a well known understanding for many :-

“As above so below”  

but not so commonly adhered to  and equally important is:-

“So within, so without”


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TS 554

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Product Code: TS 554