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Llanite (Que Sera)  Angel Wings
Llanite (Que Sera)  Angel Wings

Llanite (Que Sera) Angel Wings 5

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Llanite (Que Sera) Angel Wing

Measures approximately 50mm x 50mm x 8mm

Weighs 38 Grams

These folded angel wings have been carved from Llanite (Que Sera)
 , with a flat polished back. The detail of the feathers is excellent. 

The symbol of the angel wing is related to angels, they epitomize protection, affection, and harmony. Angels provide hope and happiness, which is exactly what this carving is supposed to do. Angel wings are symbolic of rising to new heights in life.

Angel wings can also symbolize the will to do good to oneself and to others. In which ever way angels are known, there are ways in which you can communicate and work with them for yourselves and others around you.

For many years now they have been spoken about in most areas of life and it is said they can be called for those who are in need, even if just for comfort.

Some of the ways to call upon them are, just thinking quietly to yourself sending the thoughts out to the angels.

Writing down messages for them (it is handy to have a little notebook personally for angel communication). If you feel comfortable, you can just call out to the angels with your message.

Some people have reported just having a sense they have been heard by the angels, while others feel that they have had signs through life from angels, just to show they are present and listening.

Having your own angel wings can be of great comfort and almost make you and others feel safer or just more light-hearted.​​​​​​​

Llanite (Que Sera) 

Melody says these stones are "from one of the "Grand Formations" of our planet, and, hence, each minute piece of the combination continues to exhibit the properties of the combined mineralogy" This is similar to Super Seven, the energies of all the components are present in every stone even though there may be none of that mineral in the specific piece you have. "Que Sera" has been shown to facilitate the amassing of one's mental, physical, psychic, and spiritual powers,such that one is always "on" ... It is a "super-station" for receiving energies of the higher planes of existence"

Judy Hall writes :-

Que Sera  is powerful, synergistic combination with extremely high and yet deeply earthy vibrations, Que Sera contains Quartz, Feldspar, Calcite, Kaolinite, Iron, Magnetite, Leucozone, and Clinozoisite and carries those energies even when not visible. Linking to the megaforces that created our multi-dimensional universe and which still drive cosmic evolution, Que Sera acts like a battery to activate your personal power. With this stone, you truly create your own reality. This stone energises the earth star, base, sacral and stellar gateway chakras.
Que Sera creates an awesome power source for higher creativity and spiritual evolution. With its assistance you attune to the Akashic Record  of your soul’s purpose and view all possible pathways with their outcomes. Que Sera insists that you stand in your own power. If you took on duties or unconsciously assumed a role or obligations so the world would perceive you as ‘a good person’, Que Sera releases you. The stone teaches that such an act of ‘service’ is actually selfish and self-serving. It frees you to be of true service. If you find it impossible to say no when asked to do even more, keep Que Sera in your pocket.
If you have a tendency to dwell on problems this crystal helps you find constructive solutions and to be confident about your actions. With Que Sera there are no mistakes, only learning experiences. Although Que Sera means “what will be,“ this stone helps you co-create your own future. Pointing out the long way and the more direct route, it encourages you to take the most appropriate pathway for your evolution, which can be instantaneous.

Que Sera  is a powerful carrier of Qi and an excellent all round healer, Que Sera has strong, readily accessible bioscalar  wave energy. This stone is an excellent shield against Wi-Fi emanations and other electromagnetic pollutants. It recharges and balances the meridians and organs of the subtle and physical bodies. Place it wherever dis-ease or depletion exists. The stone activates neurotransmitters to optimize the energetic circuit. Assisting a healer to see into the recipient’s energy matrix, Que Sera highlights areas of dis-ease. It serves as a dowsing rod – twitching as it moves over places that need healing.

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