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Luna Quartz Skulls

Lunar Quartz is a relatively newly discovered crystal from Namibia in South Africa.

Also available as :-​​​​​​​

Lunar Bracelet 1

​​​​​​​Lunar Bracelet 2
Lunar Quartz Doughnuts
Lunar Quartz Pendulums 
Lunar Quartz Spheres

​​​​​​​Lunar Quartz Skulls ​​​​​​​
Lunar Quartz Tumbled

​​​​​​​Lunar Quartz Points

Customer feedback :-

Now that I have the Lunar Quartz in hand, I’ll add a few thoughts :-
Pink LQ – begin each day with hope and a blessing, giving thanks for the potential of the new day.
Grey LQ – at the end of the day be glad for what challenges you have faced, the lessons learned and the truths shown.