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Lunar Quartz Skull

Weighs 41.4 grams
Measures 35mm x 30mm

Lunar Quartz is a relatively newly discovered crystal from Namibia in South Africa.

Before working with a Lunar Quartz crystal, it is advisable to ensure that you are adequately protected at all times.

There are two very gentle pastel colours of the Lunar Quartz, one is a light shade of dusky grey, the other is a delicate shade of pink, much paler than the more popular, well known, Rose Quartz.  

The dusky grey Lunar Quartz, is alike to the evening light as daylight dwindles to dusk, turning into the darkness of night. 

The delicate pink alike to the early dawn as the sun rises out of the darkness into the light of day.

Both these times could very well be described as a liminal space. Meaning that it is a space between something that was, and the “next”. A place of transition, of waiting and not knowing, where all transformation takes place if we wait and let it transform us, a place betwixt and between - of neutrality.

As already advised, it is imperative when working with the Lunar Quartz to adequately protect yourself at all times, given the liminal space described above. 

Working with Lunar Quartz requires us to completely let go, to trust entirely in our personal  transformation without expectation of a specific outcome. It is placing that trust in the unknown space that can bring forth greater knowledge, understanding, and growth.

Whichever colour of the Lunar Quartz you choose, or the dusk or dawn that speaks to you, you can be certain that whatever the “next” may be, it will be exciting and different for every one of us. 

Suggested crystals for protection :-

Black Tourmaline 
Smokey Quartz 




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