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Luxullianite 1

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Weighs 62 Grams
Measures 45mm x 40mm x 30mm
The 'Stone of a Lifetime', brings support, grounding and settlement to daily life.
Luxullianite can help during times of change faced by the being during daily life; physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually - by instilling a sense of grounding within the being, as well as lowering levels of stress and settling wavering emotions.
A stone that encourages the being to think before speaking and action, as well as taming outbursts of anger and frustration. Luxullianite can also help to settle and ground the hyperactive being, as well as being helpful in calming obsessive or destructive tendencies.
This is a stone that can not only lower tension between relations; it can also act as a protector from the upset that can be caused by acts of terror, abuse, anger and energy vampirism. Keep Luxullianite close by at all times for this. It can also be placed around the home such as around the entrances/exits of the home.
Luxullianite can help to settle nervousness, ease anxiety and break through fears. It is a stone that works to bring courage to beings from all walks of life, in all ages.
A stone that helps the being to let go of any unnecessary emotional attachments, while also helping to protect the self from any unnecessary emotional attachments from other beings.
Luxullianite can help to ground the being who can be very indecisive, erratic with behaviour and emotions, or overly needy of those around themselves. This is very supportive and guiding stone for the being experiencing the teenage years of life.
A stone that gives much grounding and support to the being who is finding themselves, that is learning and developing self-expression. Luxullianite can be part of a “safety net” as well as a guardian, at such delicate, yet powerful times in life.
Where there are viral upsets within the body, Luxullianite can help the immune system to kill off the virus, as well as then help the immune system to healthily protect from any further viral attack.
Luxullianite can be helpful in bringing healing and ease to the being who has disorder of the Nervous system, Sleep disorder, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Tourettes Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Alongside this, Luxullianite can be beneficial to the being who has disorder of mental health, working not to just settle the disorder itself, but also helping to bring grounding and a sense of peace to the being gently over time.
A stone to use in helping to protect the body from potentially harmful rays and toxins within the surrounding atmosphere.

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