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Weighs 86.5 Grams

Measures  55mm x 30mm x 20mm


The 'Stone of Rejuvenation', helps to bring back the essence of youth, while encouraging the living of life and awakening the being to vitality, optimism and positivism.
Malachite reawakens the light within. It is a stone that stirs up vitality and brings back inner strength and optimism, encouraging the being to live life to the full in the most manageable ways.
This is a stone that helps to bring a more joyful, content and positive self out to the world. Malachite teaches the being to look at life in a positive and uplifting manner, and helps this to reach all levels of the self.
Malachite brings forth a stronger awareness of Mother Earth and her beauty, as well as her mystery. This stone reawakens and reminds of the connection between the human soul, and Mother Earths soul, in the hope of the two becoming openly, as one.
Malachite resonates well with each energy centre of the body, as well as with energy points within Mother Earth. This stone helps to bring alignment, healing and optimal rejuvenation within each centre, although especially closely within the Heart and lower centres of the body.
A stone that encourages the being to connect to their inner god, or goddesses. Malachite reminds and teaches of inner beauty, inner confidence and inner wisdom. This is also a stone that strengthens and encourages self-expression and self-knowing.
Malachite also makes a good scrying tool. It is a stone that can guide the being on explorations within the higher self, for gaining insight and enlightenment.
This is a stone that strengthens the imagination, increases positive thought and idea, brings out creativity, and lowers shyness and inhibitions. Malachite can also bring out the more empathic self, but if this is found to be a bit much, bring in another stone alongside that has grounding as its speciality.
Malachite removes negativity, replacing it with positivism. It is a stone that can draw out toxin from the human and animal being, as well as Mother Earth and her creations such as trees, plants and flowers.
This stone that can be helpful in gaining a more youthful glow from within, which in turn can show from on all levels of the self. On a physical level, it would be areas such as the skin, hair and eyes.
Malachite also helps to alleviate pain and discomfort on all levels of the being, and is especially good for easing and healing arthritic conditions, aching or stiffness of the bones and muscles, eye strain and eye irritation, and redness or inflammation of the skin.
A speciality of Malachite is that it resonates well with the female, especially on the physical and emotional levels. This offering can be helpful with bringing balance and management where their are hormonal disturbances and changes, helping awaken or strengthen the feeling of being feminine, of being attractive and of being equal in society.
Malachite can be very beneficial to the being that is on a healing journey from the past. This stone takes away overburdening, by helping the mind to create windows of time, feelings and memories that have similarities so that they can be looked into, then released or kept as most needed.
A stone that opens the self to love, joy and contentment, making it perfect as a supporter where there are new beginnings and potential relationships of the heart.
Malachite is an overall supportive and helpful stone to the being that needs to start being a part of life again, the being that needs their sparkle back.


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Malachite Freeform 30

Product Code LR 13