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Mani Stone
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ABOUT Mani Stone

Mani Stone TM

A certificate of authenticity is not available for this stone due to the small amount ever collected. Robert Simmons writes: “When I attuned to this black and white Jasper and asked about its nature and its intentions for working with people, I first received the message that the rock wanted to be named Mani Stone. Knowing a little about the original Mani, the spiritual teacher, I was only slightly surprised when the Being of the stone continued, describing its qualities in ways which recalled the teachings of its namesake.

Mani Stone is a black and white Jasper from the American Southwest. It is composed of alternating bands of black and white, sometimes in dramatic patterns. It was named Mani Stone after the Third Century mystic teacher Mani. The name Mani means “gemstone,” and the original Mani believed himself to be an incarnation of the Divine--the Paraclete, or Divine Comforter. He dedicated his life to attempting to unite all the world’s religions through mutual understanding and compassion. He believed that darkness was not to be overcome through struggle, but rather to be infiltrated with Light, until it was no longer darkness. The religion known as Manichaeism was named after him. We have chosen to call this new material Mani Stone because its message about its properties is strongly resonant with what we know about Mani’s philosophy.