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Mani Stone 9

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Mani Stone

Weighs 7.1 Grams
Measures 25mm x 15mm x 5mm

This is what Robert Simmons has to say about Mani Stone.
The energies of Mani Stone encourage forgiveness, inclusion and the regeneration of hope. All of us need to make a practice of forgiveness, for our own benefit as well as that of others. When we hold a judgment against someone else, it is primarily oneself who suffers. Further, holding a grudge or judgment creates a fragmentation of union between beings on the soul level, creating spiritual disharmony. On the individual level, self judgment brings about inner fragmentation, a sort of low level mental illness which is experienced by most people. Working with Mani Stone with the intention of forgiveness, of self and others, can dissolve all of these complexes of negative attachment.
Mani Stone's quality of inclusion is related to forgiveness. The psychological dynamic of 'us versus them' is the dynamic of exclusion, another disease of the ego. (it's ironic that we can pride ourselves on being members of an 'exclusive' club or neighborhood). Sometimes we exclude others, and at other times we exclude aspects of ourselves. In all cases, these exclusions lead to disunity and fragmentation, and they impede the natural flow of love. Mani Stone reinforces the flow of love and the practice of inclusion, within which we recognize all others as being the same as ourselves, and we realize that we are fundamentally One.
A third key to Mani Stone's energies is in the phrase I was given by the stone Being: 'return of the exiled.' We are taught to reject the 'bad' parts of ourselves and to include only the 'good'. Mani the spiritual teacher knew that this sort of intention leads not to the victory of Light over darkness, but to fragmentation of the Self. The rejected parts fall into the unconscious, where they wreak havoc in our lives, sabotaging our plans and undermining our attempts to present ourselves as complete people, when in fact we are only fragments. Our rejected parts need to be accepted, loved and reintegrated into ourselves, if we are ever going to be whole. By looking into the 'worst' parts of ourselves, the parts we have placed in exile, from a place of gratitude and forgiveness, we bring them out of exile and into our hearts, making us more whole. All of the spiritual work described above leads to the regeneration of hope, as the soul is rewoven into its original unity. This type of work is closely related to soul retrieval another practice intended for the recovery of our wholeness, which is facilitated through working with Mani Stone.
Mani Stone also declares that its energies are attuned to clearing for the higher self. I interpret this as meaning that all of this inner healing facilitated by forgiveness, inclusion and return of the exiled or lost parts of ourselves, clears the path for the merging of the Higher Self without everyday individuality. This is ultimately the goal of all spiritual aspiration.
When one works with Mani Stone to reestablish unity and wholeness, one can then turn outward to offer aid and healing to the world. Mani Stone the phrase 'caring for the emotionally dispossessed' to describe this work. The energies of Mani Stone inspire one to meet all others from a place of compassion, providing a safe and comfortable opportunity for others to heal through relationship with us. Mani Stone is an ideal mineral ally for treatment of unconsciously held pain. Again, we are looking at the effects of self judgment, or the incorporation of the judgments of others into our psyches. Man Stone's energy of unconditional love allows unconscious pain to be dissolved and released.
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