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Master Quartz Crystals
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Blades of Light
Blades of Light Columbian Lemurian Quartz Laser Crystal
Bridge Quartz
Bridge crystals have smaller crystals which penetrate and are located partially in, partially out, of a larger crystal. It facilitates bridging the inner and outer worlds, between the self and others. It is quite beneficial when working with the aspects of spirituality and advanced metaphysical areas.
Dow Quartz Crystals
Dow or Trans-Channeling Crystal- A crystal with three, primary, seven-sided faces and three secondary triangular faces between them. It is believed this crystal is a combination crystal that incorporates the properties of both a Channneler and a Transmitter crystal in one crystal. It helps facilitate intuitive awareness and connection with “All That Is”. It is considered one of the "Twelve Master Crystals" and is a powerful teaching and healing crystal.
Lemurian Quartz (Lemurian Seed)
Lemurian Laser The ‘Stone of the Light Worker’, holds energies that bond well with those who work within Divine Light. Lemurian Lasers have a high intensity of Divine energy. They are masters in healing practices and contain continuous wisdom.
Manifestation Crystals
Crystals with a small crystal totally enclosed within is a called a Manifestation crystal.
Penetration Quartz
Penetration Quartz This is the name given to a Quartz Crystal that has another crystal that has formed inside of the main crystal, similar to manifestation quartz but the small crystal is not totally enclosed. This crystal formation is also known as the “inner child crystal”.
Phantom Quartz Crystals
Phantom Quartz Crystals are powerful Earth healers they stimulate the Earth to repair it's self by recalling what the area was like before the damage occurred allowing for healing to be total and complete. These crystals also help us to put the past into perspective by allowing us to access past lives and also access to the Akashic Records. You would use a Phantom Quartz Crystal to enhance business creativity and also to provide you with inspiration.
Sceptre Quartz
Sceptre Quartz this crystal is recognized by a naturally formed crystal penetrated by a rod; the crystal actually formed around the rod. It is used in healing ceremonies and is a symbol of power. It is excellent for the transmission of directional energy.
Self-Healed Quartz crystals
Self -Healed Quartz crystals are excellent tools for crystal healing as they have healed themselves; they are accepted as extremely powerful soothing crystals.
Time Link Crystals
Time Line or time link Crystals These crystals have a rectangular face leaning to the left or right, they can be used to access information from the past or future.
Trigonic Crystals
Trigonic Crystals,Crystals that have markings or indentations on their sides or faces that resemble UPSIDE-DOWN triangles / record-keeper markings.
Window Quartz
The Window Quartz Crystal is recognized by the presence of a large diamond-shaped “window” located in the centre front of the crystal.
ABOUT Master Quartz Crystals

Master Quartz Crystals  

Master quartz crystals are teacher crystals and are power tools of enlightenment. These special crystals are programmed with knowledge particular to itself. Each quartz crystal is recognised by either its shape, markings or inclusions.