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Master Shamanite

Please note that there is no card for this stone the p
rice has been reflected.

Weighs 9.5 grams
Measures 20mm x 20mm x 15mm
Master Shamanite is the name given to a luminous black gemstone found in the Rocky Mountains of the USA. It is an unusual blend of carbon, calcite and a medley of trace minerals and tiny fossils.
Robert Simmons writes:
Master Shamanite is the finest stone for spiritual cleansing and purification. If one is in any way afflicted by negative thoughts, dreams, memories, addictions, entities or psychic implants, Master Shamanite is the ideal stone for clearing ones etheric body and auric field of these limiting and debilitating influences.
The attunment of Master Shamanite to unfolding of one’s highest destiny is symbolically and even physically represented in its high carbon concentration. A Diamond is the pure crystalline form of carbon. Its the destiny or the highest potential of carbon to become a Diamond. In its common form, carbon appears “dirty”, unworthy of praise. Within ourselves, the darkness our imperfections, our wounds, flaws and limitations appears to be negative. Yet just as the Diamond emerges from carbon’s blackness so the perfected human being arises from the roots within the darkness of our old  unconscious limitations. Fittingly, carbon purifies water and other substances by cleansing it of impurities. It can do this spiritually, as in the case of Master Shamanite, by removing the impurities from the Souls Body. Just as carbon can filter physical water. So Master Shamanite purifies the spiritual waters of the Soul, enabling the emergence of one’s Diamond Self.
Master Shamanite contains fossil forms of DNA within the matrix, and this molecule of life helps create a bridge between the living body and the mineral realm. This is the root of Master Shamanite capacities as a healing stone. It purifying influence extends beyond the realm if the clearing old limitations from the souls history, into the pattern of one’s physical and emotional wellbeing in this lifetime. Master Shamanite can act to clear the way for the healing influences of angels, inner masters, teachers and angelic beings, as well as the universal archetype of life.
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