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Merkabite Calcite 4

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Merkabite Calcite

Weighs 11.1 grams 
Measures 30mm x 20mm

Robert Simmons, author of The Book of Stones writes :-

Merkabite Calcite is a white Calcite from the plains of Kansas, in the American Midwest It forms in a variety of rough geometric shapes, and pieces range from one half to two inches.

Merkabite Calcite is one of the most powerful forms of Calcite. It emanates a tremendous amount of energy through the third eye and crown chakras, and has the capacity to awaken the seven Light Body chakras above the head It can facilitate access to the Akashic Hall of Records and is a key to entering many other interdimensional realms. It is fitting that these stones are named after the fabled Merkabah Vehicle of Light mentioned in kaballistic texts, for it opens many spiritual doorways.

However, if there are blockages, the Merkabite Calcite will assist one in gently removing whatever congestion exists in the etheric body and the upper chakras.

Merkabite Calcite can assist in interdimensional travel and shamanic journeying. It is especially helpful in initiating travels into the Upper World and the Heaven Realms. Meditators who are experienced in such journeying will find that Merkabite Calcite helps one focus one's intention for making specific choices of where one is traveling in the inner domains. It also enhances one's capacity for clairvoyant vision, making one's intedimensional experiences more vivid. In addition, it can increase one's capacity for remembering information gathered in the higher realms and translating that information into words. This can be of great assistance to those who are teaching or leading others in this work. In healing, Merkabite Calcite is especially helpful in repair of the auric field, and in sealing the etheric body if there have been tears or wounds.
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