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Molybdenite 10

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Weighs 35.7 Grams

Measures 30mm x 35mm



The ‘Stone of Hidden Cause’ helps one to find and see the cause and under current in life's happenings and life’s cycles, as well as within oneself. 

Molybdenite is well suited to the being who needs to see past negative or corrupt happening, so that there is no risk of misjudgement or misguiding.

This stone takes one on a journey into the deepest depths to see the causes and under currents that are always at play in different areas of life. It is a stone that helps one to discover the tiniest of detail all around and within where it is needed so that positive benefit can be rewarded.

“One can bring forth great light into the darkest depths of life from the tiniest of details alone”

Molybdenite allows one to connect with that which needs deeper searching and studying, with guidance and with safety. This stone can help those on journeys of positive awareness and awakening to become a master of what is in front of themselves.

A stone that helps one know where is best to start when their is a new venture, study or procedure ahead of oneself. Molybdenite is helpfully grounding at such times so that one is able to go forth open minded but not end up to far ahead without realising how one got there.

Molybedenite supports and encourages healthy growth with the beings whole self, as well as supporting the immune system. Also, Molybedenite helps to keep energy fields charged up as needed, as well as helping to re-fuel sluggish energy centres, both minor and major.  

This is a stone that can be used with all ages, but adults must be made aware to expect a greater thirst from children for learning where their is an outcome of positive reward whether from others or within, from different sources.

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