Montana Agate 4

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Montana Agate

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Measures 25mm x 5mm

Montana Agate is one of the two state gemstones of the state of Montana in the USA. It is found in the gravel deposits of the Yellowstone River which flows through Montana, Wyoming and Dakota. It is the mystical birthstone for September and the birthstone for the Zodiac sign of Gemini. Most of the Montana Agates are found in deposits from the Pleistocene age (10,000-1,6000,000)

Montana Agate is a stone for the inquisitive detective, interested in solving the mysteries of today with the knowledge of yesterday. The indigenous tribes from around the world, kept alive the knowledge of their ancestors, the knowledge of nature and all things natural learning from them, they never forgot those gone before them, their bloodline, or the traditions that the generations before them had passed on. They honoured the red coloured earth and considered it sacred, the colour of the earth that so closely resembles colouring of the rarer red/brown Montana Agate.

You may ask how can Montana Agate help to solve any modern day mystery with the knowledge of yesterday, how can the past give us answers now? One of the qualities of this stone, is that it assists in recalling and improving the memory. So where does the mystery come in? Take for example an authentic crop circle, where does it come from, is it created by some other source, an ET for example? The answer is found in simplicity, not from technology, in fact from the earth itself. The powerful crystalline grid below us, holds memories from the past, remembers human behaviour even human consciousness, transforming its memory into pattern form, acting as a magnet would, by drawing downward and inward rather than pulling down from the outside or from an outer source. What it leaves behind is a powerful message for the world at large to decipher, a crop circle.

With its connection to the sacred earth and its ability to reawaken the memory, Montana Agate can combine the two qualities together helping to provide answers to those unanswered mysteries of our world that are full of intrigue to the “inquisitive detective”. How inquisitive are you?

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