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Nebula Stone 2

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Nebula Stone

Weighs 17.7 Grams
Measures 25mm x 20mm
Nebular Stone  
The 'Becoming Stone', brings together the many particles of both inner and outer life existence, awakening positive cellular energy, whilst raising conscious awareness; thus helping all life sources to become as one.  
Nebula stone activates the bodies cellular light. It unites and strengthens the pure light to the entire being. Feeding the whole self from cell to cell, nerve to nerve, with that of Divinity and enlightenment.  
This is a stone that can help the soul to remember itself and to find itself , as well as helping the being to become and belong as a part of all life; thus bringing forth a sense of belonging and being a part of all that is surrounding.  
“Let it be taught that being as one is not the whole soul task, it is the all becoming as one that will help make it a whole”  
Nebula stone can be very beneficial in the creation of a life form itself. This is a stone that will help in the formation of what is needed for the life form to grow healthily and with flourish with purity.  
Nebula stone can be connected to life source in so many different ways that as it continues to grow and expand its own ‘data’ this stone can, and will clearly become connected to the wonders of universal evolution.  
This is a stone that has embedded code which is, or seemingly is, hidden to the physical self to see or even recognise. To look upon this stone and actively see, recognise or even scientifically test for this code and actually finding it, as well as its meaning is a possible chance. Let it be known it is available to all and for all to become as one with itself, in which ever way it may be explored.  
On a healing level, Nebula stone helps healthy cell growth and renewal. It can help to life depression, calm and treat Bi-Polar conditions, improve memory, improve the mind itself and be especially beneficial in the reversing and easing of degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and Multiple Scleroses.  
Nebula Stone can also help in the treatment of neurological conditions that are not necessarily degenerative, but can still make daily living difficult. This stone can help overall where the immune system has gone out of harmony and resulted in cellular damage. Nebula stone helps in the renewal, repair and protection needed from such immunity upsets.
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