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Nuummite Pendulum

Weighs 19.7 Grams

Measures 35mm


The 'Stone of Meditation’ brings support and guidance toward deep relaxation, astral travel, visualisation and meditation. 

Nuummite helps calm and stabilise in preparation for a deep relaxed state. It is a stone that de-clutters the mind, whilst improving focus. 

Nuummite enhances the dream state, bringing higher insight and guided states of lucidity. Alongside this, Nuummite supports the being with the whole process of astral travel. 

This is a stone that also gives protection from negativity and energy vampirism. Nuummite also helps to strengthen auric fields. 

A stone that helps to raise the mood; Nuummite encourages the being to move toward positivism, gratitude and happiness. 

Nuummite can help in the easing and treatment of depression, stress, negative thought cycles and destructive patterns of behaviour. 

This stone works to improve and strengthen meditation and visualisation. Nuummite deepens and sharpens the experience, whilst still allowing for the being to have full control. 

A stone that can help to supervise altered states of reality; Nuummite becomes a guide and a channel.

Also, Nuummite helps to bring balance to emotion and relationships. It is stone that helps to clear tension and negative atmospheres, whilst also calming anger and frustration.

Nuummite strengthens the heart, brings vitality and helps to bring self into alignment.

Nuummite is a gemstone formed from a mixture of two minerals from the orthoamphibole group anthophyllite and gedrite ​​​​​​.



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Product Code Pendulum 176