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Orange Selenite Heart 2

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 Orange Selenite Heart 

Weighs approximately 127.3 Grams

Measures 70mm x 50mm

Orange Selenite The 'Stone of Centering', helps the being to center the self whether within the mind, body or spirit, as well as helping an exact source of energy to be centred where desired. Selenite is very pure and harmonious stone. It touches and helps the being where it is most called upon, supporting the mind, body and spirit. A stone that is filled with light and much magic, Selenite attracts many positive energies towards itself, and towards its keeper. This is the perfect stone to help the being to connect with the magic and energy within, as well as for connecting with the spiritual self. Selenite infuses the soul of its keeper with that of love and that of light. Despite Selenite differing in its forms, the undertones remain the same. Orange Selenite works with the being to centre the self as wished, making it a very useful stone in many areas of life. A stone to call upon in such a way where there are tasks to be completed, goals to be reached and desires to manifested. Orange Selenite can help the being to concentrate the self on an exact area, as well helping the flow of energy to higher or lower as necessary. This is a very beneficial stone for meditation to center the whole of the self, as well as for the being who has an interest in Tantra. Orange Selenite resonates particularly well within the Sacral energy center and can be a great harmoniser and stimulant if needed, to that which is associated to this area. A stone that brings forth a spiritual connection between partners on a sexual level, helping to spiritually enhance this area of a relationship, as well as working towards the creation of an improved bond between the two beings overall. Orange Selenite can help the female to recognise her femininity, and help the male to recognise his masculinity. This is not meant in a way that either two could go out of balance, although if the being is quite sensitive, it may be wise to pair up Orange Selenite with a stone that offers grounding and fairness. A stone that supports and helps the reproductive and sexual organs, also infusing these particular areas of the being with light energy in order to clear out any energy blockages that may be causing upset. Orange Selenite can help to bring a more balanced and healthy menstrual cycle, as well as especially improving the health of the ovaries and they’re function. Orange Selenite can also help both the male and female to better channel and center energies associated with sexual frustration and sexual tension.  This is a stone that can help the being that feels anger and pain towards sexuality and its associations, by lifting away any built up negativity, working towards the release and healing of what is causing the anger and pain under the surface. It can be helpful to pair up this stone with another such as Rose Quartz for this offering. Orange Selenite can be called upon to channel and center energy when working with the Kundalini, Chi or Life Force energy. It is also a stone that helps the being to know and find who they truly are, as well as encouraging self-confidence and self-esteem. Orange Selenite can help to lower the risk of Brittle Bones and Osteoporosis, as well as being a help in the treatment if one or the other has already occurred. A stone that encourages the being to be more positive towards the self, others and life in general, as well as helping to lift the spirit, filling it with joyous and bountiful feeling.


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