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Owyhee Jasper 11

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Owyhee Jasper
Weighs 6.6 Grams
Measures 30mm x 10mm

The 'Stone of Communications', helps the being to communicate with confidence and improved clarity in many different areas of life, as well as bringing settlement and grounding.
Jasper overall is a stone that works on improving the self both inner and outer, so that a better future is ahead all round. It is a family of stones that each have a set area to work upon. It lifts the spirit, stimulates and balances energy centres, encourages positive natures and heals in many ways. In its different forms it does have different offerings, yet with the same undertones.
Owyhee Jasper helps to clear and still the mind. It is a stone that settles the soul and can greatly ease anxiety, nervousness, tension and worry.
This stone works to help the being to communicate within all levels of the self; mind, body and spirit. Owyhee Jasper also supports healthy self-expression and helps the being to find self-confidence.
A stone that can help the being to find 'home' in any place, especially within the self. Owyhee Jasper opens the mind to see the bigger picture and to recognise anything positive, encouraging the being to integrate the finds into daily life.
Owyhee Jasper can shine light even during times when it seems all is stuck in darkness. It is a stone that brings much hope and strength to the present and for the future.
This stone can help the being to look upon life and recognise key moments of knowledge, so those moments can then be turned into wisdom.
Owyhee Jasper helps the being to speak up when necessary, and can also help to remove obstacles in the way of communication. Alongside this, Owyhee Jasper can help the being to find the most suited way of communication to suit needs, working to remove stress, frustration and any fear in this area.
A stone that encourages the being to de-clutter the self and surroundings. Owyhee Jasper teaches of the rewards that come forth during, and after such a process.
This stone can help the being to become less materialistic, as well as guiding the way towards a more natural and simplistic way of life.
Owyhee Jasper encourages the being to seek learning, joy and wisdom within Mother Earth herself, and to communicate with her in daily life.  A very beneficial stone to the being wishing to feel and understand Mother Earth's vibrations and tones, as well as helping bring connection with her Nature, including the Animal kingdom.
Owyhee Jasper brings gentle grounding and can calm hyperactivity, distress, trauma and shock. Also this stone supports the body and the function of its organs, strengthens and balances the immune system, lowers allergic reactions, improves the overall health of the hair and helps to slow down the loss of natural hair pigment.
A stone that can help to even the skins pigmentation, decrease age spots, slow down the process of Vitiligo, improve eyesight and clear Jaundice. Alongside this, Owyhee Jasper can help to settle and even bring protection against seizures, Epilepsy, Parkinson's disease and Dementia.
This is a stone that can help the Liver to protect itself from damage, helping it to restore itself and regain its function, as well as helping to keep the blood clean.
Owyhee Jasper can be called upon to stabilise energy centres and bring forth grounding after channelling and meditation. This stone can also be very beneficial for helping communications with Spirit guides and the Ancient ones, as well as with visualisation and dream mastery.

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