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Palm Wood 

Weighs 11 Grams 
Measures 25mm x 15mm

Palm Wood with its soft calming colouring, is an exceptional stone that is strongly connected to Mother Earth and healing. Not only does it remind us of nature and what Mother Earth provides for us in so many different ways, but it is also a powerful stone to use in the healing of self.

Palm Wood has an unusual effect on those who connect with and use it. By connecting us to Mother Earth and our predecessors, it urges the continued use of natural remedies safely, where ever and whenever possible. That focus takes us away from the present now and the chemical formulas of modern medicine, back into the past and the knowledge of our ancestors, bringing the past into the now, to teach and remind, but more importantly keep this age old knowledge alive. In the natural world, the flora, fauna, trees (without which mankind would not draw breath) and animals live on or grow from the earth which supports their life and growth. As Mother Earth is already connected to the energy shifts and the new Earth Grid changes that have happened recently, so the natural world more easily and quickly connects than mankind does to these new changes. Therefore, by using her bounties and becoming more aware, Palm Wood helps the open minded to accept these changes and absorb what the world of nature has presented to us both for our health and individual onward journey.

Palm Wood also assists in the healing of self by healing mind, body and soul. Healing the mind with its gentle subtle colouring Palm Wood quietens the mind, taking away the stress and concerns that we can do nothing about whilst at the same time, reminding that all that is real is the Now.

Healing the body by using natural remedies, vitamins, and food.

Healing of the soul by again using what is natural. Including water, we are cleansing, detoxifying and purifying our bodies enabling purer access to the source of all knowledge that our individual souls contain.

Please be aware that natural remedies and vitamins should not be used without consultation with a trained practitioner or doctor to determine suitability with any other medication that may have been prescribed.

Text by Anne Frances


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