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Pentacle Pendulum  
Weighs 1.3 grams
Measures 45 mm
Length of chain - 18 cm
This pendulum has been decorated with the pentacle symbol.
The pendulum can be used as a locket for your small crystals, parchment or any other similar personal belongings.
The word "pentacle" is sometimes used synonymously with "pentagram", and this usage is borne out by the Oxford English Dictionary, although that work specifies that a circumscription makes the shape more particularly a pentacle.
Pentagrams were used as an important religious symbol by the Babylonians and by the Pythagoreans in ancient Greece.
Pentagrams are used today as a symbol of faith by many Neopagens. Several faiths also associate the pentagram with magic.
Christians in the past commonly used the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus.
Circled Pentagram
A circle around a pentagram contains and protects.
The circle symbolises eternity and infinity, the cycles of life and nature.
The circle touching all 5 points indicates that the spirit, earth, air, water and fire are all connected.




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Pendulum 87

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Pentacle Pendulum

Product Code: Pendulum 87