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Peridot Stud Earrings 

The earrings weigh 1.5  grams


The 'Waters Stone', beneficial in the cleansing of the mind, body and spirit. Cleanses away impurities, toxin and helps to treat disease; a stone for the healing practitioner, to join as guidance and support.

Peridot is that of fresh water, it is pure and brings purity and sparkle to all that it joins with. It is a tonic that can be used when the being has become been run-down, either from stress or sickness, and can help in a detox process.

Also, Peridot brings peace, tranquillity and a greater connection with Mother Earth and her goodness. Bringing a realisation of how much the being takes this goodness for granted, therefore creating an understanding, a respect and a finally a conjoining of Spirit.

Although Peridot can help any energy centre, it especially helps the Heart energy centre, refreshing it and cleansing the centre of impurity and negative energy build up. It washes away torn and corrupt emotion, restoring the centre back to it's healthy and vibrant state, bringing a sense of re-birth.

Use this stone around the home, workplace, place of meditation or healing practices, to cleanse the atmospheric energy and bring peace and tranquillity. This is a very good stone to lift the mood and encourage restorative sleep for the mind, body and spirit.

Place Peridot stones on pulse points for pulse point therapy, to aid healing and to aid restoration. Also for healing and cleansing of the Heart centre, place the peridot stones in a circular pattern on this area. A rule of Seven stones can be followed on the circular formation for the Heart centre, one stone for each pulse point therapy, and three stones on any other centre or area, for healing cleansing, and restoration practices.

Peridot can help to refresh and sooth tired and irritated eyes, place over closed eyelids for this for preferred amount of time. Also, where the being has to keep the eyes strong and with a precise focus on a subject, keep Peridot close by to gaze into for short periods of time to re-focus, re-align and refresh the eyes in order to help prevent straining.

Also a stone that can help in the treatment against skin irritations, bring down skin redness and help put a stop to sudden flare ups of conditions such as acne. Where their is also joint inflammation, Peridot helps to bring the inflammation down and eases discomfort.

Peridot can be beneficial in helping in the healing from alcohol abuse, as well as helping to curb an excessive appetite and addiction to alcohol. The liver, kidneys and lymph glands will benefit greatly from Peridots offerings, and also this is a stone to help ease excessive sweating; especially caused from toxin build up or hormonal changes, balance metabolism, and speeds up all areas of healing.

Peridot is a stone that attracts Mother Earths positive blessings, brings the being into touch with her spiritual teachings, and helps the being to connect and walk with natures way of life. It also encourages positive growth, and helps the being to move forwards and face the road ahead with positivism and hope, as well as helping to remove friction within relationships.

Peridot encourages the being o learn from the past, but not live in the past. It is a stone that can help to remove un-certainty and fear, replacing it with feelings of security and confidence. Also, Peridot guides the being in letting go of resentment, anger, jealousy and grudges, against the self, as well as other beings.

"To walk within the lands is to walk within the skies, to touch a single flower is to touch a star"


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