Pink Calcite Angel 2

Pink Mangano Calcite Angel
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Pink Mangano Calcite Angel
This angel has been hand carved in Peru
Weighs 40.9 Grams
Stands 65mm high
In which ever way Angels are known, there are ways in which you can communicate and work with them for yourselves and others around you.
For many years now they have been spoken about in most areas of life and it is said they can be called for those who are in need, even if just for comfort.
Some of the ways to call upon them are; Just thinking quietly to yourself sending the thoughts out to the Angels. Writing down messages for them (it is handy to have a little notebook personally for Angel communication).. If you feel comfortable, you can just call out to the Angels with your message..
Some people have reported just having a sense they have been heard by the Angels, while others feel that they have had signs through life from Angels, just to show they are present and listening.
Having a figure or picture of an Angel of your own, can be of great comfort and almost make you and others feel safer or just more light-hearted.
Sometimes the figure of an Angel can be made more special by containing beneficial qualities to be of use to the keeper of the Angel, or if given as a gift to somebody else can be of use to them.
However you or others relate to Angels, just too possibly have a thought they actually are there and willing to help, can be a great comfort in many ways.

Mangano Calcite is a calming and loving stone that can ease and heal the heart Chakra.  It fills the heart with universal self love, enabling us to accept love from the universe and those around us.  It helps us to hope for the best in life and helps heal the inner child and past abuse.  It can help us to connect with our female guides and angels.  It has been said to transmit the motherly energy of giving life, nurturing and love. It helps amplify healing energies and is excellent when used with any healing modality including Reiki.  It can help us to express our joy and freely give and receive love.  It is a good stone to help with channelling and astral travel.  It can help with studying and retaining information learned.  It can help relieve stress, tension and anxiety as well as release fears of all kinds and reduce nightmares. 


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