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Azeztulite The ‘Light Healer’, holding high vibrational energies that connect to all that is love, and all that is light. Azeztulite brings pure Divine healing through its ever deepening Angelic communications.
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Pink Fire Azeztulite

Weighs 17.7 Grams

Measures 20mm x 20mm

Pink Fire Azeztulite

Pink Fire Azeztulite is a stone of passion. It encourages one to love with great intensity, with no holding back. And this expression of total love is not only for a spouse or partner, or for one's children and friends alone. It is for the world and everything in it. Pink Fire Azeztulite opens the floodgates of the heart, teaching the mind that to withhold love is to stifle life itself. This stone teaches that life is love, and that giving love supports all life. It triggers within us the potential to truly know that love is our foundation, our life force, and the animating energy of the Universe. And it offers us the experience of our own unlimited love, which is the same as Divine Love.
Pink Fire Azeztulite circulates its currents through the body, making love a cellular experience. It can eventually teach the cells that love is the antidote to illness and even death. Thus it is an ideal stone for those seeking to heal dysfunctions such as autoimmune disorders, in which the body attacks itself. Visualizing the Pink Fire pouring out of the stone and filling every cell with its loving Light is a recommended way of working with this stone for self-healing.
Pink Fire Azeztulite is useful for emotional self-healing as well, bringing an infusion of unconditional love into one's energy field. The intensity of love emanated by Pink Fire Azeztulite can dissolve old rigid patterns of pain, self-inflicted emotional damage, and the discouragement that comes from having felt abandoned or unloved. Love is both joyful and serious, and it is powerful as well. When one feels the power and purpose of love, one's attachments to old, fragmented ways of being can be dislodged. This discovery often leads to moments of exuberant joy, as well as inner commitments to serve the flow of love as it rises to permeate and transform our world.
Pink Fire Azeztulite raw or polished pieces can be used to fill one's environment with powerful love energies. The stone can be worn to help keep oneself connected to the currents of Divine Love at all times. It works harmoniously with all other Azeztulites, as well as Azumar, Healerite, Rose Quartz, Morganite, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite and Kunzite.

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