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Pink Sapphire 3

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Pink Sapphire

Weighs 0.7 Gram
10mm x 4mm
Fast-acting Pink Sapphire clears out emotional blockages, enhances self-reliance, and attracts all that is needed for the user's Spiritual Evolution.  Pink Sapphire is also said to inspire love. Pink Sapphire is a stone of passion that brings joyful play to any relationship. Helps overcome shyness, Dissolves emotional blocks, Opens your life to love, Helps release the past and overcome past wounds. Pink sapphire generates feelings of love, forgiveness, acceptance and release. This gentle stone provides strength in difficult situations.
This stone combines energies of the heart with a disciplined mind, creating strength in balance.
It stimulates the heart chakra allowing one to acknowledge and release past emotional wounds. It allows one to be able to forgive oneself and others so that one can move forward.

Believed by the Ancients to have been blessed by the Gods as a powerful protective stone, Sapphire has been used and treasured throughout history.  There are many Biblical references to Sapphire, and a Sapphire was believed to have been contained in the breast plate of the High Priests.  Sapphire is a form of Corundum, one of the hardest minerals on Earth.    Sapphires form in many colours, depending upon the trace metals they contain.   Both Rubies and Sapphires belong to the Corrundum family of minerals.  When Corrundum forms with a Red colour, it is called a Ruby.  When Corrundums form in other colours, they are called Sappires.

Sapphire is a stone of wisdom, the different colours of Sapphire each containing its own type of wisdom.  Also known as a stone of prosperity, Sapphire sustains life force and attracts joy and peace.  Sapphire opens the mind to beauty and intuition.

In addition to the general metaphysical uses of Sapphire, there are additional traits associated with different types of Sapphire. 

The soothing energy of Pink Sapphire allows one to feel love and to integrate the energy of love into all aspects of one's life.

It has a supportive energy that helps strengthen the heart and to balance blood sugar levels and related effects.
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