Porphyry 6

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Weighs 14.1 grams
Measures 30mm x 20mm
Porphyry  are an excellent stone for detaching blockages in the chakras, working chiefly and most powerfully on the third eye and throat.
In addition they are thought to be particularly useful if you are trying the accessing the Akashic Records.
Energy starts to filter in at the crown chakra, bringing with it spiritual light for the entire endocrine system. Feels almost like a reverse Kundalini, except this energy moves much more slowly & unblocks & clears as it goes. Moves down the endocrine system, bringing light to each gland in the body, aiding health & well-being on all levels. As it reaches the lower glands of the body it connects us to the earth through our feet & helps us feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Works very powerfully at throat & third-eye to unblock our perception & intuition.

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