Prehnite Pseudomorph (33)

Apophyllite and Gyrolite on Prehnite Pseudomorphs after Laumontite.
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Prehnite Pseudomorph

​​​​​​​Weighs 4.8 Grams
Measures 35mm x 10mm

Apophylliteand Gyroliteon PrehnitePseudomorphsafter Laumontite
This is an example of a “Pseudomorphs” this is a crystal that grows over the surface of another mineral, in this example the Prehnitegrew over Laumontite.  The Laumontitehas then dissolved away leaving the hollow crust of Prehnite.
Prehniteis a very protective stone and can protect you on all levels. It reinforces the life force and commonly increases and arouses energy. It assistancesin the communication with spirit through meditation or visualization. It has also been know to facilitate out-of-body travel, and is a potent dream stone.
Prehniteis also known as a stone of prophesy which stimulates inner-knowing.
As suggested Prehniteallows you to make contact with the spirit world, while keeping you protected. Prehniteacts as a magnifier and helps to give you a  protective shield in your auricfield.
Prehniteis a prefect crystal to work with when meditating, as it is very useful for remembering the lessons that were taught, especially when it is an issue of your spiritual development, and spiritual "knowing," this is know as  lucid dreaming.
It also helps develop your intuitive senses, it helps develop insightfulness, and it will help your projections to develop with a greater accuracy.


The 'Stone of Vision', this beautiful stone is able to open the third eye and greatly increase the second sight abilities. 
Apophyllitecan help one to see clearly using second sight as well as helping to strengthen and sharpen the physical vision, helping to combat eye weaknesses and eye strain. 
This stone also helps bring a clarity of thought, increase focus, sharpen thinking and also enhance and clarify the energies of many other stones within the crystal & mineral kingdom.  
A stone that works very well with the third eye energy centre and also has a very strong connection to be used by sea travellers in order to give sharper inner and outer vision to mother natures ways.

​​​​​​​Apophyllitecan be used to finely tune an area or centre of energy, and is especially beneficial to the channellerbecause of this. 
This is also a stone that is helpful in easing sinus pressure and inflammation, easing pressure headaches, and in helping the being to break a fever. Keep Apophylliteclose to gain strong protection from virus and fevers, as well as in helping to strengthen the immune system. 
Besides being beneficial as a protection stone against illness, Apophylliteis a very good stone to be used by all travellers as a protection talisman. 
“I shall guide and I shall protect, I shall work to hold one safe from the Storm“.


​​​​​​​Gyroliteincreases the healing abilities of other crystals while cleansing them. It helps connect your physical body to your Aura. Gyroliteencourages a state of well being. This crystal can help stabilizeyou emotionally, especially in times of trauma. It is an excellent meditation crystal and can connect you to the wisdom of ancient civilizations. Gyroliteis said to be a crystal that Buddha accessed.

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