Purple Apatite 27 (set of three)

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Purple Apatite
Weighs 0.5 grams in total
Measures approximately 5mm x 3mm each 

Please note that these crystals have been photographed using a Macro Lens and are quite small.

Apatite gets it name from the Greek word "apatos" meaning 'to deceive' because of its resemblance in appearance to several other crystals.
Purple Apatite is a catalyst, boosting the properties of other crystals that you use with it, bringing about the desired effect quickly. it also stimulates the intellect and generates creative thinking.
Purple Apatite is a great healing crystal due to its balancing energy, it clears all the Chakras bringing them to a optimum energy level, this in turn balances and aligns the physical, spiritual, and etheric bodies.
Purple Apatite promotes clairvoyance and can be used to make a relationship with past-life events and what they mean. This gives you a insight to how they may apply to your present life.
Purple Apatite is especially good for self-expression working on the throat Chakra.  
This is an excellent crystal to work with at time when you want your opinions to be heard and respected.
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