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Product Description

Pyrope Garnet

Weighs 12.7 grams

Measure 20mm x 15mm 

The ‘Stone of Knowing’, a support to the being at times of change, times of vulnerability and at times of uncertainty.
Garnet overall is a grounded stone. It knows its journey well and helps its keeper deeply. A stone that continually moves forwards, adjusting and shifting its energy accordingly with Mother Earth. With an eternally positive output and a destination of light, Garnet is a medicine box, a book of teaching, a hand of hope. In its numerous forms its offerings do often differ, yet follow the same undertones.
Pyrope Garnet brings grounding and sense of knowing that one is not stepping through life’s ups and downs alone. This is a stone that encourages one to look within the mind and spirit to gain back any memory or feeling of security and stability so that it can be brought into the here and now, to be used for comfort and soothing.
A stone that can be used as a support during times of grieving. Pyrope Garnet will raise inner love and acceptance so that the journey ahead can be faced that bit stronger.
This stone surrounds ones aura with an energy full of protection and comfort. It is a stone that helps bring grounding and takes away feelings of vulnerability, replacing them with a sense of knowing that one has inner strength and support.
Pyrope Garnet opens ones inner senses to feel and know the richness of life itself. It also encourages one to instil this richness in ones day to day living.
Use this stone to help the body to infuse its organs and tissues with vital nutrients that are needed for a healthy life. Also, Pyrope Garnet can be beneficial in the treatment of circulatory problems.
This stone is helpful to increase lung function strength. It can be used with the unborn and newborn child that needs help with lung development.
Pyrope Garnet is also beneficial to the unborn child in helping to keep a healthy placenta and ensure the infusing of vital nutrients throughout the pregnancy.
On a divine level, this stone works on bringing about a more harmonised vibratory rate between the physical and astral body. Very beneficial to the being who struggles to balance between spiritual living and the “norm” living.
Pyrope Garnet attracts and encourages prosperity and good will for the highest good of all.


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Product Code: TS 257


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