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Rainbow Mayanite also know as Rainbow Chakra Quartz.
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Rainbow Mayanite

Weighs 13.4 grams
Measures 25mm x 20mm x 15mm 

RAINBOW CHAKRA QUARTZ- A new variety of Quartz discovered in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Eastern Washington. Our Rainbow Chakra Quartz aka Rainbow Mayanite occurs in the formation of sheet quartz which occurs in flat and relatively clear layers of Quartz and of course crystalline quartz (complete crystals). The iridescent coating is natural and displays all the colours of the rainbow when viewed in daylight. Some other unique features are displayed on certain crystals, one of the most visible is the ‘record keeper’ (small triangles on the faces of the crystal thought to contain stored wisdom.) It is said that people with open minds and pure hearts can easily attune into this energy to help them on their spiritual path.
This unique crystal offers healing on many levels by resonating with our entire energy system or charkas. The full spectrum of colour. Lay the Rainbow Chakra Quartz on each charka to activate and stimulate each energy centre. After a period of use, you will feel much more energized, focused, secure, and happy. Life seems to erupt with new adventure, joy and purpose, a feeling that we are truly on our true path.
We find that the Rainbow Chakra Quartz never needs cleansing because of the intense strength and ability to self cleanse. Below are more healing benefits and our thoughts of this new variety of Quartz.
Meditation- Through use of our Rainbow Chakra Quartz-Rainbow Mayanite one can easily slip into meditation; answers seem to come quickly to problems we have been working diligently to heal. Sometimes fleeting thoughts pop into ones head and quickly disappear during meditation, our new variety of Quartz seem to capture these thoughts for retention, so we can learn more about ourselves through meditation.
Gazing- One can simply gaze or stare at our crystals for communication between the self and outer worlds. For sending and receiving information via the spiritual plane.
Gridding- Use in gridding homes, hotels, and guest houses to assure pleasant, positive and comfortable nights, wonderful for business traveller.
But this new age crystal seems more in depth that originally thought. After intense meditation with this rare and fascinating crystal we have come to discover more interesting and important conclusions:

This is was what Judy Hall says :-
“Rainbow Mayanite - Discovered in 2011,naturally iridescent Rainbow Mayanite was marketed as a support for riding out the planetary changes of 2012 and the shift to a new Mayan astrological cycle - the Mayan calendar providing an exact schedule for the unfolding of the cosmic plan. A self-cleansing stone, it was recommended for rainbow chakra healing, and activation of new joy, focus, purpose and stepping on to your true path.
Rainbow Mayanite is a Golden Healer taken to great heights. With exceedingly high vibrations, it contains natural bioscalar healing waves. Not a stone for the fainthearted, Rainbow Mayanite de-engergises old patterns from any source, taking out debris and karmic encrustations from the past and pulls out toxic dross that you have absorbed from other people or the environment that has lodged between the subtle layers of your etheric body. It builds new and more supportive structures at every level as we move into the expanded consciousness of the New Age.”
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