Rainbow Obsidian Sphere 2

Rainbow Obsidian Heart the 'Stone of the Listener', this stone holds energies that will be of great benefit to the listener, those who always give a shoulder to cry on, who are there for those in need.
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Rainbow Obsidian Sphere

Weighs 258.3 grams

Measures 55mm 

Rainbow Obsidian 

The 'Stone of the Listener', holds energies that will be of great benefit to the listener, those who always give a shoulder to cry on, and are there for those in need.

Obsidian is a very secure and stable stone with its energy. It is like both the Mother and the Father in its role, knowing exactly where to use its offerings, and how best to help. A stone that works very well in shifting negativity and energy blockages, alongside its ability to remove the same thing from the being in life itself, whether on an physical, emotional or mental level. Obsidian does differ in its forms, yet it still contains the same undertones. 

Rainbow Obsidian works well with the Root, Heart and Throat energy centres, helping to ground, keep the emotions of the heart balanced and encouraging communication to have clarity.

This stone can help the being to be more emotionally understanding of others and of the self. Rainbow Obsidian is very beneficial being kept close to the listener, to help balance the emotional energy out-pour that often comes from those seeking a shoulder to cry on, so that their is no negative energy absorbance.

Rainbow Obsidian is also good to heal negative karmic attachments and attract that of positive nature. Also a stone that helps the being to see the beauty of all life, as well as helping the being to better connect spiritual life with physical life.

This stone can be a great support in the easing and healing of depression and anxiety, as well as where emotional, physical or mental abuse has taken place.

This is very good stone to be kept with those who work in the care of others, especially in medical and therapeutic fields.

Katie Jacqueline - November 2008

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