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Rare & High Vibration Crystals
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Acasta Gneiss
Although Acasta Gneiss is an extremely old crystal, it is of great importance in these modern times. It assists us in shifting our focus in line with the energy shifts that are taking place on our planet.
Afghanite is a high vibration stone that enhances multi dimensional journeying.
Agnitite is the name for a variety of Quartz from an island off the coast of Africa. Its named is derived from the Sanscrit word agni, meaning fire. AKA fire quartz.
Ajoite This rare stone is mainly in the form of phantoms within crystals. It is a very powerful tool, it is suggested that it produces a melding between heart & throat chakras and allows speaking that of one's heart.
Alabandite This is a very, very rare stone from a new find in Tanzania.
Alexandrite is useful for one’s emotional well being, as well as promoting self-esteem and the ability to be appreciative of the world around us.
Amethyst Flower Stalactite Slices
Stalactites are produced on the roof of a caves and originate with one droplet of mineral-rich water.
Anatase The ‘Stone of Sociality’, brings forth stability and settlement within, encouraging one to be approachable by others, as well as sociably confident. Anatase helps stop gloating, greed for attention, and thirst for power.
Astaraline is a combination of Muscovite, Quartz and Cronstedtite.
Augite can help you to enhance the understanding and transformation in one's life.
Aura Quartz
Aqua Aura, Opal Aura, Titanium Flame Aura, Topaz Aura, Tanzine Aura.
Auralite 23 (AKA Kindred Spirit Stone)
It is suggested that Auralite 23 is one the oldest crystals which developed more than 1.5 billion years ago and contains 23 earth elements and minerals hench the name Auralite 23.
This mineral is rare even when it is not as 'hairy' and fibrous as this piece - which has amazing radial sprays of long turquoise rare needles. Extremely light-reflective and sparkly, and it's bedrock is also very sparkly, and fragile.
Azeztulite's Various
Azeztulite is a stone that will not cease to bring forth the highest and purest of healing energies. This stone can be called upon at times when it said a healing miracle is needed. Azeztulite always work’s at its best and brings forth Angel’s at its side’s.
Azurite in Granite  Also know as K2
The K2 stone is found in the foothills of the worlds second highest mountain, Mount K2 in Pakistan.
Bastnaesite is a wonderful crystal for all of those who need grounding, especially thinkers, dreamers and planners, it also helps these people to see their plans and dreams come to fruition. It helps to manifest dreams and desires.
Blue Amber
It is suggested that Blue Amber is the most powerful of all the ambers, this is because of its color range; it works with the all of the energetic bodies.
Brookite The ‘Stone of the Ancient Planets’, a very in-depth and intriguing energy that brings the being closer to the knowledge and wisdom that is contained within many planets, as well as the knowledge and wisdom that has been created by lost, forgotten and ancient civilisations.
Brookite and Rutile in Quartz
Brookite and Rutile in Quartz, this is a crystal has tiny, "angel-hair" strands of Rutile that produces an ethereal web of subtle threads within the crystal.
Bumble Bee Jasper
This amazing Jasper is an excellent healer for sacral chakra.
Bustamite with Sugilite
Bustamite with Sugilite Best known for its energetic ability to remove and clear energy blockages. It is a very powerful stone for all types of energy work because of this. It can remove an energy block from a person, a particular chakra, an environment, or a situation.
Bytownite The ‘Lunar Stone’, brings an understanding of life and its cycles, its continuous stories of existence and happenings. Bytownite opens the mind to the understanding and accepting of the past, present and future.
Cacoxenite forms inside clear Quartz crystal or amethyst as an inclusion. It is a somewhat rare occurrence, and can create a visually impressive crystal.
Campo Del Cielo  Meteorite
These meteorites are from Argentina, South America. Campo Del Cielo means Valley of the Sky. Campo is classified as a Coarse octahedrite nickel-iron meteorite.
Cataclasite is a newly discovered stone from southern Africa. It is an ivory-white colour, with specks of black spread throughout it.
Cerussite is an excellent healing crystal for grounding and assisting in feeling comfortable in the environment. It is helpful for people who feel that the earth is not their natural home by making the soul feel at home wherever it finds itself
Ceylon Sapphires
Sapphires are found in many places around the world. The most respected sapphires in the world come from Sri Lanka (AKA Ceylon).
Charoite The 'Stone of the Dragon', this one is very special, putting truth to time travel. Past and future.. opening inner senses to their highest potential.
Chrysoberyl The ‘Stone of Soul Serenity’ bringing soothing to the soul and calming to the mind, and ease to the body, this is a stone that takes one on a journey allowing the physical barriers to be opened and a lighter self to be revealed.
Cinnazez™ is a gemstone blend of Azeztulite Quartz and silicated Cinnabar. It is found on the South Island of New Zealand.
Copper,Cuprite, Malachite & Cobaltoan Calcite
Copper,Cuprite, Malachite & Cobaltoan Calcite combination stone.
Coromandel Stonewood™
Coromandel Stonewood™ is rich brown Petrified Wood from New Zealand.
Creedite is a high vibration crystal that brings through a dominant character that causes an development within your higher chakras, and lifts your overall vibration.
Crop Circle Stones
Crop Circle Stones are natural flint found inside Crop Circles in England.
Cryolite is a highly spiritual crystal with a high vibration that has a powerful effect on the brain.
Demantoid Garnets
Demantoid is the name given to the lush green variety of Andradite garnet. The Crystal was first discovered in Russia and the name is comes from its diamond like sheen.
Diaspore is a superb crystal to quicken the mind and may help your retention of important information.
Dragons Blood
Cinnabar The ‘Blood Stone’, helps to keep the red blood cell count healthy, as well as helping to reduce the chance of blood related dis-ease and disorder.
Robert Simmons writes: “Empowerite was named for the way it makes one feel--full of confidence, strength and personal power. It is a tremendously potent stone for grounding one’s energies in the Earth, and for receiving and storing the Earth’s Life Force currents or chi.
Enstatite The ' Stone of the Templar's ' hold's a deep spiritual energy with offering's of courage, loyalty, commitment and respect.
Fire and Ice rainbow quartz
Fire and Ice quartz contains inner figures that draw on shamanic medicine, and its symbols can be intuitively read for advice regarding soul transformation.
Fluorapatite is primarily used as a talisman to keep a person in harmony and centered by buffering the demands of the external world.
Gaspeite is a stone of new beginnings and good luck and is said to help attract friends and success. It is a strong protecting stone, which helps to reduce stress and strengthen reassurance.
Gem Silica
Gem Silica It is suggested that Gem Silica can promote tranquillity, and promote a calm and emotional balance.
Gilialte is also known as Medusa quartz and Pariba, it is an exceptionally rare copper silicate hydrate mineral.
Glendonite is a perfect crystal to work with if you are learning a new skill. It supports the learning development by processing the knowledge and thoughts in easy to comprehend terms. Because of this, it may help discover one's life purposefulness.
Gold and Silver Healers
Gold and Silver Healers The same mine that produces Rainbow Mayanite also produces soothing Gold and Silver Healers that do an excellent deep repair work on the light body.
Golden Healer Lemurian Quartz
The colour is a rich gold, within these charmed crystals and is not a covering, the energy is emitting from the heart of the crystal.
It helps one to be both precise and correct in judgments in cases requiring evaluation of evidence prior to decision-making.
Green Taralite
Green Taralite is a stone of well being, happiness and spiritual light.
Green Tremolite
Green Tremolite is one of the high vibration crystals, and vibrates with a dominant energy. Its energy is felt within the uppermost chakras and is predominantly evident at both the third eye and crown chakra.

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ABOUT Rare & High Vibration Crystals

Rare & High Vibration Crystals

For crystal collectors and therapists seeking the highest vibration stones for deep meditation and healing work - this is the place to start your research.  We carry a wide selection of,MoldaviteAzeztuliteBrookite, Ajoite as well as many other highly sought after crystals.