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Red & Pink Lemurian Quartz

 The colour within this charmed crystal is a pale red/pink and is not a covering, the energy is emitting from its heart.
It is believed that Lemurian Quartz crystals were "planted" long ago by the people of Lemuria or Mu, a peaceful and highly spiritually and technologically advanced civilization similar to Atlantis.
These crystals were encoded, much like hard drives, with important information vital to the survival of humankind and our Earth. As the Lemurian peoples' time on Earth was coming to an end, they "planted" these crystals, intending them to be discovered at a time in the future when humankind, in the form of Light Workers,  would be able to begin to decode and understand the information they contain, and harness their healing energies.
Unlike Starbrary Quartz crystals said to have been programmed by beings in other star systems, Lemurians are the only crystals believed to have been planted and coded by a civilization that lived on this Earth.
The Lemurian Quartz Crystal is sometimes called a "master crystal," because it has so many metaphysical properties and is able to do so many things. It can be either or both a communicator, revealing the information it contains and bridging the gap between the Earth and cosmic realms and a Healer, allowing its unique vibrations to wash over the user and clear all heavy energy. Lemurian Quartz Crystals resonate with all the Chakras, but primarily the Crown Chakra.
It has one of the highest vibrations of any crystal and is a beautiful companion for meditation and to realign energies in the body. It can assist in clearing blockages in one's energy field and/or chakras, dispelling heavy energies from the body. If there is stagnant energy in the body, it can help to increase Prana (life force) energy to get things moving properly again. Meditating with Lemurian Quartz Crystals can allow us to connect with higher-dimensional spirit guides and connect to Divine realms, as well as to decode the information they contain within.