Red Lemurian Quartz Pendant

Red Lemurian Quartz The ‘Stone of the Light Worker’, holds energies that bond well with those who work within Divine Light. Lemurian Lasers have a high intensity of Divine energy. They are masters in healing practices and contain continuous wisdom.
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Red Lemurian Quartz Pendant

Weighs 7.5 Grams

Measures 35mm including the bail

Red Lemurian Quartz.
The colour
within this charmed crystal is a pale red/pink and is not a covering, the energy is emitting from its heart.

Perfect for people whose self-confidence needs a boost or whose energy is weakening.

Lemurian Quartz Crystals have been given this name as they have the ability to allow you to recover information, from ancient Lemuria, through the stones.
The Lemurian natives lived on this earth in ancient times and worked expansively with crystals. It seems that some kind of immense disaster overcame the Lemurian people before they disappeared from the earth.
It is widely believed that the Lemuria individuals were innocent people who deeply loved the earth.
It is believed that those who lived during the time of ancient Lemuria were highly spiritual beings and that they left messages within the stones for us to tap into now.
These crystals seem to have been programmed before they were placed into the ground, when they are used many individuals experience emotional healing from the deeply loving vibration.  
They may boost your concentration and balance your emotions. If you follow the ladders on the sides of the stones they have the capacity to allow you to make contact with the Divine, ever upwards over successive meditations.

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