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Red Phantom Crystal 22

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Red Phantom Crystal
Please note this is quite a small crystal
Weighs 2.2 grams
Measures 30mm x 5mm

Red Phantom Crystals are Quartz that contains Iron Oxides, such as Hematite. Hematite is a very common crystal however when Hematite is found within quartz and it forms red phantom it is quite rare.

Red Phantom Quartz crystals are formed when deposits of iron oxide coat the outside of the quartz crystal point.  Then over the life of the quartz point another layer of quartz grows over the iron oxide layer completely enclosing the iron mineral within.  Hence a ‘phantom layer’ of the iron oxide dwells within the quartz crystal point.  When you look at the crystal from the side, it seems that a red crystal point has grown inside the larger quartz point, however this is simply an illusion created by the layer of iron oxide coating the quartz point during its growth process.
Red Phantom Quartz is a great crystal to facilitate awareness of the illusionary or phantom separation of the Personality and the Soul, and offers a bridge of harmony to merge the two.
The crystal arouses our Earth Star and grounds our it into the Earths Network.  The Quartz quality of the crystal bends the full light spectrum, then the Hematite phantom within the quartz acts like a magnet drawing up the electro-magnetic energies from within the Earth, and pulling them up  into all of our Chakra’s right through to our Soul .
Thus Red Phantom Quartz crystals not only anchor our Crystalline Matrix to Earth, but also bring the energetics of the Earth into our Soul.  The illusion of separation is broken through these crystals, as we acknowledge the Hermetic axiom within ‘as above, so below, so below, as above’.
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