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Red Tipped Amethyst 

Weighs 23.3 grams
Measures 50mm x 20mm

Such a beautiful example of the ever mystical and magical Amethyst. 

Red Tipped Amethyst
This crystal comes from the State of Para Brazil.
Red Tipped Amethyst combines the properties of Amethyst and Red Hematite.  The Amethyst core has Red Hematite growing over it, this produces the dark red colour thus the name Red Tipped Amethyst.
Red Tipped Amethyst has a relaxing feel to it and is excellent for protection and grounding. It will help develop the movement of energy around the whole chakra system at the same time facilitating the clearing and balancing of them. 
Red Tipped Amethyst is a great crystal to meditate with, it keeps you grounded and opens up a depth of knowledge encouraging self development.

You not only see the beauty, you also feel the beauty, your mind, body and spirit will benefit greatly and this will help you and others in many ways, from healing to spiritual learning.  

Added to ones journey on the path of enlightenment, something that will surely be learnt, is that true inner and outer beauty really does exist.


Product Code
MIS 24

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Product Code MIS 24