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Rhodazez (Pink Azeztulite) 2

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Rhodazez Pink Azeztulite

Weighs 9.6 grams.
Measures 35mm x 15mm

Rhodazez (Pink Azeztulite)

The ‘Stone of Love & Light’, bringing forth a joining of energy within and all around, that of Love and that of Light.

Rhodazez is a beautiful creation from Mother Earth to all. This stone flashes energy throughout each minor and major energy centre, to help in the acceptance of what is within and available all around to all beings; Love and Light; The Divine connection.

A stone that resonates well with the Heart energy centre and the Crown energy centre. Harmonising these centres to gain, and form connection to higher realms. Rhodazez is beneficial in forming communications to Angelic beings for assistance in deep healing, especially where their has been unfortunate events of emotional hurt and abuse, as well as abandonment and sudden loss.

Rhodazez makes a very good stone to be given to spiritually aware children who need to feel secure and safe, bringing a knowing and sense of being watched over from spirit guides and Angelic beings.

A stone to diminish feelings of abandonment, of being lost and of being lonely. Rhodazez brings the “Mothers Touch” and the “Fathers Safety” within a joining of itself. 

Use this stone to soften and bring peaceful energies to tense and heavy atmospheric areas. As well as to attract protective light beings to an area where babies and children play, and sleep.

Rhodazez makes a very good companion to the being who has a connection to the gentle Nature spirits, as well as making a loving offering for such spirits.

A very mystical offering of this stone, is that it can truly “open the eyes” to kingdoms of Nature spirits and to Angelic worlds, especially within children who tend to hold open channels from themselves that help them to communicate with ease.

Rhodazez helps to soften and lighten the beings energy within and outer. Bringing peace that will shine through the whole self. This in turn attracts that of matching energies.

“Love is more than a feeling, it is a knowing. Light is more than a knowing, it is a feeling”

This stone can improve circulation and the health of bodily tissues, as well helping the function of the heart, alongside any healing within this area.

Rhodazez helps and encourages the being to feel beautiful from the inside out. It is a stone that can heal feelings of rejection and self-loathing. As well as this, Rhodazez can better the feelings of self-attractiveness, alongside helping to bring out the more feminine, gentle and loving self as necessary. 

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