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Rhodizite 14

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Please remember that the picture of this crystal has been taken using a Macro lens, these crystals are very, very small. What you see, is the crystal that you will receive.

Weighs   0.01 Grams
Measures  3mm x 2mm
Rhodizite is called a "Master Stone" it is said to greatly amplify the energies of other crystals and stones!  It can help increase your self-confidence and assist with astral travel. It is said Rhodizite will unlock all blockages and will activate any and all Chakras. It is a great meditation stone! Rhodizites are just incredible in the amount of powerful energy the exude, bringing increased energies to those who wear them and increasing ones psychic abilities. They amplify any and all energies they come into contact with, so be mindful around negative energies.
Rhodizite is a complex mineral, a borate containing Potassium, cesium, beryllium, aluminium, boron, and oxygen.
It can be colourless, white or yellow. It has a strong vitreous luster. Good quality crystals have been found in Russia and Madagascar.
These crystals are usually quite small, but vibrate well with surprising power and intensity. These crystals stimulate the solar- plexus chakra and are capable of increasing one’s powers  of will and manifestation through the will.
Individuals who have difficulty asserting themselves can benefit from using these crystals.
Rhodizite increases the power of other stones, as well as people.
Rhodizite can be helpful in countering depression, treating migraines and headaches, and helping to strengthen the eye and optic nerves.
Rhodizite stimulates psychic abilities, it can be used in past –life regression to help consciously process lessons learned in other times.
Shamans in Madagascar have used Natural Rhodizite Crystals to control rain.
Rhodizite will balance all of one's chakras, all SEVEN of them AT ALL ONE TIME!!
As channelled by Simone M Matthews of ULT: Rhodizite is an amplifier of our thoughts, words, actions, emotions and hence all vibrations in our environment.  Rhodizite absorbs energy direct from our Sun and ‘holds’ these solar vibrations within its crystalline matrix. When external frequencies then come in contact with Rhodizite, this triggers a release of ‘solar power’, with the effect of raising the intensity and duration of the original frequency.
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