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Weighs 28.7 Grams 

Measures 45mm x 30mm x 20mm

This example of will show bright red fluorescent under UV. The two ruby crystals are on a white marble matrix.  It is from the Jagdelak region in Afghanistan


The ‘Stone of Inner Zest’, brings one to a more positive outlook on life, to be more uplifted and energetic, with a real zest for Living. 

Ruby raises confidence in all, encouraging one to “get up and go” although Ruby can be a bit enthusiastic in doing so !! A very good stone to use when one feels stuck in life, or when life has become still or stagnant. 

Ruby also raises low levels of energy and revitalises the tired mind and the wary soul. This is a stone that will help to revitalise the mind, body and spirit, after illness or surgery, as well with emotional, physical and mental exhaustion, and during major life changes. 

At times when the immune system has become lowered, Ruby helps to bring it back to its fullest strength and also assists in healthy cell renewal. Also, this stone brings comfort and support during the menopause.

Ruby will bring out ones more bubbly and light side, encouraging a healthy thirst for new and positive ideas for the future. A stone that also helps the being to accept and find ways to thrive through the process of ageing.

This stone also helps one to not be afraid of healthy attractions of the heart, to understand why this happens and to just enjoy such experiences. 

Ruby helps lift away depression and combat low moods, helping to bring contentment and a sparkle back to daily life.

A stone that is also beneficial to the being who has lost inner sparkle.

Ruby resonates nicely with the Heart energy centre, helping to revitalise the centre in order to bring it back to its most vibrant state, which in turn starts to awaken the zest and passion for life. Also, this is a stone that can help to stimulate the Kundalini into awakening and raising. 

This is a stone that can be used strongly to protect the being from emotional attack, and wards off emotional feeders.

It may be helpful to choose a calming and grounding stone alongside Ruby for beings that are sensitive or easily emotional.


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Ruby (Jagdelak)

Product Code HT 26