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Sanda Rosa Azeztulite

Weighs 14.1 Grams

Measures 40mm x 20mm

The ‘Stone of the Light Healing’, brings clearance, cleansing and healing to all minor and major energy centres, resonating very well with the Third eye and Crown centres.  

Sanda Rosa Azeztulite contains pure light energy that works its way through each energy centre, flushing away stagnancy, toxin and blockage without fail.

This is the perfect stone for energy centre healing and clearing, as well as in the preparing of energy centres for opening to energy work.

This type of Azeztulite attracts light beings, it is a connector for Angelic and Divine communication’s up to a very heightened level of channelling.

Also, this is a stone to bring one closer to new and hidden worlds of light, within and all around. Very good for those who have connected well with higher vibrational nature spirits. 

“I am your key to Kingdoms of Light, to Worlds of peace, to Energies of Love”

 Sanda Rosa Azeztulite open’s the Crown chakra to accept higher guidance and to learn and gain higher wisdom, that which the physical and grounded senses do not decipher well.

A stone that raises ones own vibrational field as well as stimulating the purity of white light to grow and form within the body to the outer the auric field. This in turn attracts those of light energy closer, as well as when there is call for guidance and Divine assistance.

 Give this stone to spiritually aware children to bring peace within, and to gain a clear communication from protective Angelic Beings, who will bring support and guidance along the child’s delicate journey. 

Sanda Rosa Azeztulite makes a good stone to bring clearance, purity and higher vibrational energy to stagnant and heavy atmospheric areas. 

A beautiful stone that can be used to call upon the deep healing touch of the Angelic Being, especially at times where it may be said that only a miracle can help. 

“Just as an Angels hand can guide the being from Earthly life, this same Angels hand can guide the being back”

Sanda Rosa Azeztulite is pure endless love and light within a single stone that shall fail none.

“Hold me whole and I am that of endless love and light, hold me open and I am still that of endless love and light . I am within and all around, I am eternal, I am endless, I am You”











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Product Code: RHV 82