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Scottish Agate

Please note this for all three stones
Weighs 20.5 grams in total
Measures approximately 30mm x 20mm 

Agates can be found from the Western Scottish Isles, stretching across in a belt like fashion towards Perth and Fife, Angus and Kincardine, and include Ayrshire and the Cheviot Hills. They are not plentiful and are generally small, but in no way are they inferior in colour or pattern to other Agates which can be found all over the world. 

Agates vibrate on a slow strong frequency and the Scottish Agates are no exception to this. Working with them will not bring about immediate results, they work by aiding to form a safe, solid base within yourself from which to learn about You.

Scottish Agate Grey: 

This agate assists in calming the nervous system, helps to quieten the mind which so often takes us away into the dramas of everyday life. It directs us towards a peaceful place within where we can be gentle with ourselves and learn not to beat ourselves up over issues for which we blame ourselves. It very much directs us to the place from which we can form that base from which to grow safely and gently.

Scottish Agate Brown/ Grey 

with this agate is very much about gaining inner strength wherever it is needed. Perhaps we may need strength to focus on staying open minded, or stretching our minds into the unknown, to exercise non judgment of others or to recognize that judgment within ourselves. All of this takes strength to take us away from the habits and behavior that we take as the normal ways in life. 

Scottish Agate Creamy/White

the ebb of the tide washes the pebbles and sands of time on the beach, so does this agate resemble the conditioning of ourselves that we work towards cleansing and purifying so that we can in time reconnect with Source. Washing away all the distractions and directions in which we can lose ourselves so easily. 

​​​​​​​The information on the stones has been Channeled by Anne Frances

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