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Seraphinite Cabochon Stone 

Weighs 13.9 Grams

Measures 35mm x 35mm x 3mm

The ‘Stone of Consciousness’, takes the being on a journey into the many areas of consciousness and its connections.

“There is much more than what the eyes can see what the hands can touch, there is more than physical reality”

Seraphinite helps the being to explore different states of consciousness with safety and guidance. This is a stone to encourage spiritual awakening, and helps to also awaken dormant psychic ability.

A stone that helps access to angelic communication on a very deep and spiritual level, with purity and much clarity.

“Seraphinite can be seen as a gift from the Angelic being to the Human being”

Seraphinite is a fantastic Ascension stone. It is a perfect companion to all beings on journeys of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

This stone is beneficial to the being that has entered a stage of not knowing where to go in life, possibly becoming troubled in which direction to follow next. Also, Seraphinite helps to change a negative self outlook to that which is more positive and hope filled.

Seraphinite lightens an overly dense aura, as well as bringing forth subtle energy shifts. It is a stone that helps to raise awareness and the senses with every being that it comes into contact with, yet does this gently so not to over-power or bring any stresses.

This stone encourages and improves clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance, as well as working alongside spirit guides to ensure nothing becomes unstable or out of hand.

Seraphinite supports the being in healing insecurities, helping to bring the self to an understanding that life does not just stop in physical surrounding. It continues to something much more beautiful and peaceful. As well as this, Seraphinite helps and encourages self-healing.

“There is no such reality as being alone. The being is as one with all other life source, both Earthly and Spiritually. You are as I, as I am as you, we are as One”

Seraphinite can curb jealousy and rivalry, bringing a teaching that to be envious of others can be healthy and used positively, but when it is not this way, Seraphinite brings assistance in opening the mind and heart of the being to a more stable and accepting state.

“At the time when it is not to be, if one can walk away peacefully, one has gained wisdom”

A stone that supports the function of the thyroid, eyes and ears. Seraphinite can help to not only improve these areas of the body; it can also help in any healing that may be needed. Alongside this, Seraphinite works to improve air flow through the nasal cavities by lessoning mucus, and correcting any upset within the tissue lining.

Use this stone to help clear up sinus infections, colds, influenza and pneumonia, as well a to improve the flow of oxygen through the body and to the brain.

Seraphinite has a lot to teach and a lot more yet to be discovered. This is a stone that can easily be joined to the Ascension family, and can not only work well as a Merkabah associate, but also in the learning of circular breathing techniques and with meditation.


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